Best Makeup Mirror Ratings

Best Makeup Mirror Ratings

Remember the famous fairy tale quote: “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?” True enough, a mirror does know a true kind of beauty. This kind of mirror is likely to be a makeup mirror.

What is a makeup mirror? Why is it the best type of mirror for makeup application? What are the important factors that should be considered when buying a makeup mirror? Should a makeup mirror be expensive?

This article features the how makeup mirrors work, makeup mirror buying guidelines, and the top 5 makeup mirrors of today.

The science of makeup mirrors

Makeup mirrors are concave mirrors which means they are curved inward at the center. This results in an angled reflection called the incident angle.

The incident angle is the angle where the light hits the surface. Also, the mirror equation is used to calculate how far the mirror is to the object (image distance) and how small or large the object is (the object size).

Unlike flat mirrors, concave mirrors reflect real images which are projected on mirror’s front at the part where the light focuses. Concave mirrors project undistorted images which look like they floating in the air. This is the same as how the camera lens focuses light and creates an image.

Makeup mirror buying guide

Companies have been producing makeup mirrors for a long time. In fact, some companies have good reputations for creating quality makeup mirrors that are trusted by many people around the world.  With the huge number of choices in makeup mirrors, choosing which one is the best can be difficult and confusing.

However, this article lists and describes the factors that should be considered when buying a makeup mirror. To help you choose makeup mirrors, here are the important things you should look for.


Makeup mirrors are usually two-sided mirrors. Each side has a different level of magnification. This magnification can come in 1 x to 7 x, or even 15 x and higher. With these magnifications, you can conveniently apply eyeliner or lipstick, tweeze and removing unwanted hair, blend makeup colors on your face, and so on.

The degree of magnification depends on your comfort and other personal preferences. The 3 x -5x magnification is usually used by people with normal vision. For users with higher vision needs, the 10 x-15 x magnification works better, and provides an even greater degree of magnification.

Magnification varies depending on the kind of makeup mirror model. Be aware that some are better than the others and that inferior brands may reflect a distorted image. This are usually found in the cheaper mirrors.

On the other hand, some mirrors with good magnification are made with special processes and high-quality materials, which could make them more expensive.

Some makeup mirrors are one sided only and its mirror is magnified. The other side of this kind of mirror is the part which is attached to the wall or mirror. They may be inexpensive but there are double sided mirrors that are more affordable than one-sided mirrors.


The best kind of lighting for makeup mirrors is the natural daylight. This is usually best when your bathroom doesn’t have windows or when you start grinding at 4 in the morning. Another way to increase lighting is the use of more than one light source as stylists recommend.

The solution for lighting problems is a lighted makeup mirror. You can either use the light in the room, or purchase a makeup mirror with LED lights installed. These lights can be turned on when needed or turned off when there’s adequate natural daylight.

The choice of lighting also depends on personal preferences, but generally, the white light of LED and fluorescent are the best. Incandescent light can be too warm, but it can be ideal for use when shaving.

Light power source

Double sided makeup mirrors today are usually built with lights, usually LED lights. They are powered by either batteries, an AC adapter, or both. Depending on your lifestyle and preference, choose among these power source choices for a mirror that reflects your needs and lifestyle.

If you are always on the go, you might want to buy a mirror with lights that are powered by batteries. They are portable, cordless, and energy efficient.

Lights powered by an AC adapter can be a choice too if you intend to permanently put your mirror in one place, or you can also choose both power sources in one mirror for a more flexible power solution.


Makeup mirrors usually cost from $40 to $200. Before buying, determine your budget. And from there, research a makeup mirror that fall within your price range by reading consumer feedback through online reviews. This will help you get the most out of your hard-earned money.

Surface area

Makeup mirrors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The best ones are huge enough to show your whole face. Some have multi-angle view capability through swivels and extensions.

Other features

Some double-sided makeup mirrors are built with fun and practical features that make your tasks more convenient. Some of these features are makeup holders, vanity trays, and more, which provide an area where you can arrange your items in one location for when you need them.





 Daisi Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror  n/a  4.4/5
   Daylight LED 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror  $$  4.7/5
   Jerdon HL65N 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror  $$$  4.4/5
   Miusco 7X Lighted Magnifying Two Sided Makeup Mirror $$ 4.2/5
   Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror  $$  4.7/5
   Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror  $$  4.1/5
   Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror  $$  4.1/5
   Decobros 8-inch LARGE Tabletop Two-sided Swivel Vanity Mirror  $  4.8/5
   Miss Sweet Lighted Trifold Mirror Tabletop Mirror for Cosmetic Beauty Makeup  $$  4.6/5
   Floxite Fl-15v 15 Extra Strong 15x/1x Supervision Vanity Mirror  $$  4.4/5

Top 5 Best Makeup Mirrors

To help you choose the makeup mirror that suits your needs and personal preference, here are the top 5 best makeup mirrors today.

Daisi Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

The Daisi Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror has everything you need in a makeup mirror. Among the best features of a good makeup mirror, this Daisi Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror has it all, and no wonder it is one of the top rate makeup mirror in actual stores and online stores today.

Here are the best features, and advantages and disadvantages of the Daisi Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror.


  • Built with 16-energy efficient LED lights powered by 3 AA batteries for providing daylight lighting
  • Cordless makeup mirror
  • Up to 7 x magnification
  • Smoothly adjustable with its swivel stand which can be detached from the mirror
  • Measures 7” and 6” x 5” (base)
  • Comes with a vanity tray, and makeup holder stand made of double acrylic
  • Its price is very affordable
  • Reflects clear and undistorted image
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • This Daisi Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror is a very flexible and durable makeup mirror that comes with a smooth swivel stand which can be detached from the mirror if you don’t need it
  • It has vanity tray and makeup holder stand on its base to keep your stuff neat and organized. Doing tasks on your face becomes much more convenient because you can easily reach the things you need from the tray and makeup holder
  • It provides a 7 x magnification level to focus on the areas of your face
  • The image it reflects is clear and undistorted
  • It is a cordless makeup mirror. Its 16 LED lights are energy efficient and powered by 3 AA batteries


  • The Daisi Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror has no non-magnified side
  • It is not portable

Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror

The Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror is very compact, and it can be easily transported or carried along wherever you go. It is lightweight, and has a diameter of 6”. When folded, the Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror is just half a square foot.


  • 6” diameter
  • Easy to carry with its foldable capability
  • Measures half a square foot when folded
  • Built with LED lights
  • Provides 10 x magnification
  • Has 360° rotation
  • Comes with suction cup so it can also be attached to walls and mirrors
  • Cordless, and its lights are powered by batteries
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • The Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror provides 1 x magnification for more focus on your facial tasks
  • It can be easily attached to walls and adjusted with its 360° swivel
  • The LED lights are energy efficient and powered by batteries so there no more tangled cords
  • It can be conveniently carried along for travel because it can be folded. It is lightweight and measures only half a square foot when folded
  • When set up, the Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror measures 6” to provide good view of face
  • It comes with a 100% money back guarantee full refund


The Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror does not come with travel case

Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror is used in luxury hotels because of its elegant design. But the Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror is more than its appearance. Below are the features and advantages that make this mirror a good choice. Also listed below are few of its cons which make this mini review an honest one.


  • Measures 8”
  • Can be hung on the wall with 14” extension capability
  • Has a nickel finish construction that absorbs moisture and condensation
  • Has 360 degree swivel design
  • Double sided mirror with 1x and 5x magnification
  • Comes with 25 watt replacement bulb and mounting hardware
  • Has halo lighting
  • Comes with one year limited warranty


  • The Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror is a flexible double sided makeup mirror. It has 360 degree swivel that adjusts smoothly and 14” extension
  • It provides 1 x and 5 x magnification so you can focus on all areas of your face, depending on the degree of magnification you need
  • It is built with a halo light which provides daylight lighting when needed
  • It has an elegant design, making it the choice of luxury hotels. The nickel construction is absorbent too


The halo light can get a bit hot

Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror

Choosing a makeup mirror can be a chore. It depends on your preference and style of applying makeup. There are a lot of makeup mirrors to choose from, and one of the top-selling models is the Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror.

Why do most customer like it? Here are the features of Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror. Also listed are its pros and cons.


  • Double-sided makeup mirror with 1 x and 7 x magnification
  • Can either be plugged in a 100-240 volt AC adapter or powered with batteries
  • Has expensive looking design
  • Made with brushed nickel and metal finish giving it a durable construction and nice design
  • It is very thin
  • Does not reflect a distorted image


  • The Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror is made with a brushed nickel metal finish that makes it strong and give a very nice look
  • It is built with lighting to provide you a bright view when it is dim; even when you have to work on your face at night or early in the morning, you can have daylight brightness with this mirror
  • The lights are powered by batteries or by 100-240 volt AC adapter. You have a choice. This makes the Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror a portable double sided mirror
  • It provides 1 x and 7 x magnification so you can focus on your face with two different magnification degrees
  • It is very thin but does not reflect a distorted image


  • Some users say that Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror would be better if it were not so expensive
  • A few users say it is a little bit heavy

Fancii 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

Another type of makeup mirror that is loved by users today is the Fancii 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror. Despite being a one-sided makeup mirror, it is convenient to use and carry. It is ideal for people who are always on the go.

When looking over the important factors in buying a makeup mirror, we can say that this Fancii 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup can be a perfect choice. Here are other features, pros, and cons of the Fancii 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup that you should know.


  • Provides 10x magnification degree so you can easily zoom in and focus on the areas you need to work on
  • Provides a clear, undistorted image
  • Comes with 360° swivel
  • Has an airtight suction cup attachment
  • Provides 30% brightness, but 60% less energy than incandescent light bulbs
  • Measures 5.2”
  • It takes up less than half a square foot when packed in your luggage
  • Very portable
  • Cordless and powered by batteries


  • The Fancii 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup saves energy while provides 30% brightness to work on your face, even in dim conditions
  • With the Fancii 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup, you can focus on the specific angles of your face that you need to work on
  • The Fancii 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup provides 10 x magnification and comes with a 360° swivel so you can easily adjust it to different angles
  • It is very portable and takes up very little luggage space. It is perfect for people who are always on the go. It is great for makeup artists, cosmetic professionals, and office women.
  • It is affordable, and comes with a quality construction


The LED lights of the Fancii 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup cannot be replaced.


Mirrors come in different types. Some are used in medical instruments, cars, and households. But the best kind of mirror for makeup application and other cosmetic tasks are the double sided makeup mirrors.

Science can explain why makeup mirrors are the best for cosmetic application. They are concave mirrors which have a lightly bent center part that makes the image reflected seem like it’s floating. It is magnified so the face appears bigger—great for applying makeup, tweezing unwanted hairs, and more.

Choosing a makeup mirror is all about personal preferences. There is a wide variety of makeup mirrors today and most of them are of good quality and features. Before you go out shopping to buy, important features should be considered.

The makeup mirror should have the degree of magnification you need. Double-sided make up mirrors usually come with a degree of magnification from 1 x up to 7 x. If you have poor eye sight, a magnification of 10x and above are ideal for you.

Other features are the dimensions of the mirror. The dimensions you choose should be enough so you can view your entire face. It should reflect a real and undistorted image. Makeup mirrors today usually come with lightning. The power sources can be from batteries or AC adapters, or both.

Some double-sided makeup mirrors come with practical features such as trays and makeup holders. With these features, it is convenient to keep your items organized and neat.

Makeup mirrors come at different prices; some are expensive, others are more affordable. If you have the budget, price is not important.

However, be aware of buying more affordable makeup since they may reflect distorted images or are built with low quality lights. But if you do your research, you can find an affordable quality makeup mirror and save money.

Now that you know the things you should consider when buying a makeup mirror, and reading the reviews of the top 5 best makeup mirrors, you are now ready to go shopping!