10 Must-Have Features in a Cosmetology Case on Wheels

Whether you’re a professional cosmetologist or you just like to do your friends’ makeup, a good quality case will keep all of your products organized and protected.

While choosing a case ultimately comes down to personal preference, there are some features that are must-haves if you want to make your life easier.

1. Hard Material

Wheeled cosmetology cases come in both hard and soft materials. Hard cases are usually better because they’re more durable. If you do a lot of traveling with your makeup, you’ll definitely want a hard case.

The only real benefit to having a soft case is that you can really stuff them with products. But I’ve found that they can rip easily and generally don’t do well when traveling.

A hard case will not only last longer, but will also give you more protection for items that are stored in glass bottles.

If you have the option, always go with a hard case. It will last longer and will give you fewer headaches.

2. Four Wheels and Extendable Handle

When looking for a wheeled case, make sure that it has four wheels. There are some models that have just two wheels, which can be a little more difficult to move around.

While this is more of a personal preference, you’ll find that four-wheeled cases are easier to maneuver and will also be sturdier when traveling.

In addition to four wheels, you also want to make sure that the case has an extendable handle. An extendable handle will make it even easier to move the case around, and you can choose a length that’s most comfortable for your height.

3. Stackable Design

Wheeled cases come in solid and stackable designs. While solid cases are still great, stackable designs offer more versatility.

Many of these cases have clips on the sides of each compartment, or case, which allow them to separate. So, if you only need the case with your eye makeup, you can remove it and use just that case.

It makes things easier if you have a small space to work in and don’t want to constantly bend down to get your products.

You’ll find the modular design of these cases to be very convenient, and it will save you from having to lug around a heavy case.

4. Lock

Many high-quality cosmetology cases come with locks (and a set of keys) to secure your products.

If you have expensive cosmetics, this is one feature you definitely want to have. You may not care as much if you have drug store products, but even still, makeup is expensive.

If you plan to travel with your case, especially on an airline, get a case with a lock.

Along with securing your products, a lock will also keep compartments and drawers from accidentally opening.

5. Application Station

If you’re a professional cosmetologist, you may want a case with an application station at the top.

These stations have expandable shelves and storage to keep your items in place while you use them. Many also have mirrors and places to store hair styling tools. Some even have an extendable mirror, which means you can raise or lower it to suit the height of the person applying the makeup.

Even if you’re not a professional, these stations can be helpful because they make it easy to apply your own makeup even when there’s no mirror available.

6. Lighted Mirror

Many cosmetology cases, particularly those that look like suitcases, come with lighted mirrors. Lighted mirrors, as you know, are so useful when applying makeup.

Lighted mirrors direct the light towards your face, which is just how natural light hits your face. If you apply makeup with overhead lighting, like what’s in most homes, you’ll find that you wind up applying too much or too little.

Lighted mirrors help you achieve a flawless look every time.

And if you’re a professional cosmetologist, this feature will make your entire set-up look more glamorous and professional.

7. Tool Storage

Make sure that the case has specific storage for your tools (e.g. brushes, sponges, etc.). While you can certainly dedicate a section to tool storage, it’s better to have a case that’s designed to hold brushes. They often offer more protection for your brushes, especially if they have clear covers. It will also keep your brushes separated to extend their lives.

8. Folding legs

Some cases come with folding legs. These are typically found in models that have a suitcase-like design.

The great thing about having folding legs is that you can literally do makeup anywhere. You don’t even need a table or counter because the case becomes the table.

It’s essentially a traveling makeup station.

You’ll also find cases with folding manicure stations. These folding tables are essential if you also offer nail services.

9. Collapsible Shelves

Look for cases that have collapsible shelves inside of the drawers. These shelves will give you so much more storage space, so you can store more products in a smaller space.

Some cases also have doors that open and offer hanging storage. These are great for holding brushes and styling products.

If you want to maximize your storage space, especially if you have a lot of products to carry, choose a case that has collapsible shelves.

10. Fun Design

While some might disagree, I think it’s essential to choose a case with a fun design that matches your personality.

Cosmetology cases come in a wide range of colors and design, from plain black to pink plaid and animal prints.

Whether you prefer solid colors or want something more interesting, you’re sure to find a case that suits your taste and your personality.

These are the ten most important features your wheeled cosmetology case should have. Wheels will make your life easier, but these extra features will make makeup application so much more enjoyable because you’ll have everything you need right within reach.

Take your time when buying a case, especially if you’re a professional cosmetologist. Find a model that accommodates all of your storage needs while offering all of these extra, helpful features.

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