4 Tips to Apply Makeup Perfectly With an Illuminated Vanity Mirror

Makeup is an art. Men and women can apply makeup that turns them into a complete masterpiece. Alyson Tabbitha showed us the power of makeup when she transformed herself from a beautiful woman into Jack Sparrow. The resemblance makes you think that Johnny Depp has a strong competitor for his lead role.

But all of these makeup tricks couldn’t be possible without the right lighting; the same lighting that an illuminated vanity mirror can offer.

We’re going to discuss a few tips that you can use to amplify your makeup game with your handy vanity mirror and a few basic tips. Of course, you’ll need to have the right tools (makeup essentials) available, too.

1. Apply Makeup Based on Your Lighting Situation

If you’ll be taking pictures or will be on video, it’s important to try and mimic the lighting that will be present in the right conditions. What does this mean? If the lighting will be dark, you’ll want to lower the intensity of your vanity mirror (if possible) to see how you’ll look in the exact condition.

The subject, you, needs to adjust the lighting settings to try and best match the light in the room.

Professional photographers bring their own lighting source with them because they know that lighting is the key to a perfect picture.

And lighting is the key to perfect makeup, too.

Adjust your lighting settings and get accustomed to them to truly master the vanity mirror.

4 Tips to Apply Makeup Perfectly With an Illuminated Vanity Mirror2. Use More Than One Light Source

This seems almost contradictory, but you’ll want to add more than one light source as needed. People often neglect additional light sources because they’re illuminated vanity mirror is expensive and works well.

But, you’ll often find a lack of light under your chin.

A neat trick is to use a cell phone’s light to illuminate this area. It’s best if the light is soft, but if it’s not, you can use a diffusion light for best results.

Lights on either side of the face and one above will work very well to illuminate the face.

3. Use the Right Colors for the Light

Remember the first tip? This tip can be seen as an extension because some colors work better in different lighting. If you’re caught with the wrong colors, you may accentuate your flaws or diminish the results you want when applying makeup.

A few tips for different color lighting are:

  • Blue Light: In blue light, you’ll want to use highlighters and reflective foundations to hide circles under the eyes. Neutral-tones work best in this light, and red and pink are much deeper. Blue eye shadow works well in this light.
  • White Light: When in white light, this is the best light – any color will look great. So, go wild and try the light out for yourself.
  • Yellow Light: Yellow lighting isn’t best for blue tones, but gold tones will work well. The skin will look warmer, so you’ll need less foundation and concealer to hide those pesky blemishes.
  • Orange Light: Orange lighting is often caused by the sun filtering into a room, and this makes makeup stand out. You’ll find red tones are the enemy when orange light is present. Minor blemishes disappear in this light, and blues can be overwhelming. Red lipstick works well, and bronze, orange and reds become the focal point in orange light.

If you’re going on a hot date or will change lighting situations, allow yourself some time to experiment when using a vanity mirror. Think of lighting as a friend or enemy, and no matter what you do, you’ll need to work together to bring out the best you possible.

4. Check Angles Often and Adjust

Will he be seeing you from the side often? What angle will you be in most of the night? These are questions that makeup artists ask themselves often because the angle can change everything. A trick is to use a tri-fold mirror to try and see what every angle will look like.

If you have a normal, non tri-fold mirror, you can look at different angles by introducing an additional mirror.

The use of an additional mirror will allow you to view different angles to make sure every angle is flawless.

Another tip is to:

  • Switch the mirror to its brightest light and view all angles
  • Switch the mirror to a dimmer light and view all angles

Angles matter a lot, and when the wrong lighting is present, they can make certain colors stick out. Try and adjust the angle and lighting multiple times to make sure that your makeup looks like a professional applied it.

Don’t forget to wash and dry your face to remove excess facial oils that can cause different effects in different lighting situations. Practice, adjust, and try new, bold colors to find the right colors for your skin type and tone.

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