5 Backlit Makeup Mirror Tips for Flawless Beauty

5 Backlit Makeup Mirror Tips for Flawless BeautyMakeup is an art. Some women apply makeup and transform into a completely different, even more beautiful, women. Flaws are covered. Signs of aging are erased. Makeup is a great way to maintain your natural look with a little enhancement to erase the flaws.

A backlit makeup mirror is just one of the tools these women use.

If you can’t see your canvas (your face) clearly, you might end up like those other women. You know the type where their makeup is in shambles and they cake it on to try and cover their mistakes.

Don’t let this happen to you.

We’re going to talk a bit about lighting and why a backlit makeup mirror is a weapon your arsenal can’t afford to be without.

Backlit Makeup Mirrors Produce Just the Right Lighting

Makeup application is all about lighting. Bathrooms often have dim lighting that isn’t meant to help with makeup application. The wrong light makes it harder to see shadows and make the right contour to make your makeup pop.

But when you’re a home, you can control the light.

There’s a lot you can do to brighten up your room:

  • Cross Illumination: A pair of fixtures placed perfectly apart allowing for proper forehead illumination.
  • Buy Different Bulbs: The right lighting comes from a 75 – 100 watt bulb. Warm lighting allows for bright, even illumination.
  • Hue: The hue of the bulb influences application, too. Warm white hues generally work the best.

And whenever possible, natural light works best.

When you don’t have walls of windows to brighten up a room, the next best thing is a backlit mirror. These mirrors used to be big and boxy, but modern mirrors are much more convenient. Small and round in shape, these mirrors offer an array of opportunities to makeup artists and the at-home user.

Lighted makeup mirrors allow for ideal illumination and energy savings.

LED lights are used as the main light source in many of these mirrors, allowing for better color-rendering that comes closer to mimicking sunlight.

And this is why many makeup artists recommended illuminated mirrors.

What’s really neat (something I didn’t know until recently) is that these mirrors can be so cheap. You’ll also find that there are larger mirrors for your bathroom or living room, and small mirrors for travel and on-the-go usage. The best part is that they’re all backlit, so they provide the same great benefits wherever you go.

Some Things to Consider When Buying

There are a few things to consider when buying. Sure, price is one of them, but features and light sources matter more.
When going to buy one of these mirrors, consider:

  • Light Source: LED lights work best followed by fluorescent options. But the one light source you must avoid is the incandescent light, which is your enemy. These bulbs have a yellowish tint and must be avoided.
  • Dimmability: A light that’s dimmable allows you to see how you look in a variety of lighting situations. Will you look good in the brightly lit office? How about in the darker restaurant? Dimmability options help.
  • Placement: Wall mounts and countertop placements are available. Adjustable placement options are also preferred.

I wasn’t going to focus on this point, but it’s so important that I changed my mind:

  • Magnification is key.

These are double-sided mirrors, and while they’re not a must-have, they certainly help when working on your eyes. If you’ll be doing any eyebrow shaping (I know you will), a 5x magnification will help you clear up any flaws you might have otherwise missed.

5 Makeup Lighting Tips to Consider

You have your backlit makeup mirror, and now it’s time to apply your makeup. It seems easy enough, but lighting has a lot to do with application. A few tips to help you make sure that your makeup is flawless have to do with light.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Midday Light: Midday light is harsh, and you want to keep your makeup with low-texture and tinted moisturizers. Bright blush, soft mascara and demi-matte work best for this lighting. Full-coverage foundation, highlighters and high-impact mascara are big no-nos during midday.
  2. Fluorescent Lighting: Retail stores and offices are filled with fluorescent lighting. Matte finishes are a horrible choice for this lighting, and eye makeup on the lashes and lash line are not a good option. Instead, stick to:
    a. A dab of bronzer
    b. Dewy products
    c. Bright blush
  3. Daytime Light (Soft): Cloudy skies or soft sunlight are the worst for matte finishes. Lipsticks, heavy lashes, blush with a pop of color and light contouring are great compliments to the daytime lighting.
  4. 3pm to Sunset: The bright midday light is gone, yet you still have a few hours of sunlight left. Excessive makeup doesn’t work well during these times, so don’t use heavy blush or warm bronzers. Opt to include finishes and products that are better suited for soft light during these times.
  5. Soft Evening Light: Soft evening light is best for foundations, bright pigment colors and highlighters. Under-eye concealer works well, but limit other under eye makeup and contouring for best results.

If your makeup mirror has dimmable light, you’ll be able to play with the lighting to recreate the perfect light for these situations. It’s a great option that allows you to change your makeup to the potential lighting of the day.

And if you have a big date or plan to go to a dim restaurant, this is the time when you can use heavy makeup. Blush, lipstick, highlights, eye makeup and the like are all acceptable in a bar or restaurant when this makeup pops and looks best.

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