5 Q&As Before Buying a Hollywood Vanity Table with Lights

Hollywood Vanity Table with Lights

Every woman who has ever applied makeup is trying to cover a flaw or enhance her natural beauty. When it comes to makeup and looking your best, there’s one thing that comes to mind: Hollywood. Just imagine Marilyn Monroe and it’s easy to see what makeup and natural beauty can produce.

But there’s a lot that goes into makeup, especially in Hollywood.

The trick? A Hollywood vanity table with lights. Chances are, you’ve seen these very tables in movies before, but did you know that you can have these very tables and mirrors in your own home?

They’re affordable. They’re chic. They’re great for applying makeup.

1. What Can I Expect to Pay for One of These Tables?

Vanity tables are expensive, but when you add in the lights and make it a makeup table, the price goes up, too. You will spend:

  • As little as $30 for a low-end Hollywood mirror that is more or less just LED lights and a very slim, flimsy mirror.
  • As much as $2,600+ for a high-end piece of furniture with high-quality wood and several pieces.

A realistic price range will be $100 – $500 for a decent table with lights, and if you want to get fancy or don’t mind spending a lot of money, some will come with several pieces and include leather benches and a plethora of high-end items.

You’ll find the best prices online, but pay close attention to shipping costs.

2. How Do You Install a Hollywood Vanity Table with Lights?

If you’re afraid to install one of these tables, don’t be. A majority of these items will come assembled, but if you do receive an actual table, this will require a little assembly on your part. The assembly should not take much longer than 30 – 45 minutes.

For the most part, you’ll find that these vanity tables with lights will:

  • Sit on your desk or table
  • May or may not have a mirror that screws into place

Installation is a breeze even if you do have to tighten a few screws or bolts to properly secure the piece with the lights in place.

I recommend installing these units as close to an electrical socket as possible. You don’t want to have to run an extension cord to power the lights. Some of the available units will come with three main pieces:

  • LED mirror
  • Vanity table
  • Bench or stool

Keep in mind that there are other options that are more or less the mirror with the surrounding lights. These mirrors are a major asset when applying makeup because they illuminate the face and ensure that your makeup is not impacted by shadows or poor lighting.

3. Will the Mirror Have Magnification?

This depends on the unit. Every unit is different, but I have seen a lot of newer units offering magnification up to 10-times the normal view. These mirrors aren’t your traditional vintage mirror with lights, but they’re still an amazing buy.

The reason magnification is so important is because it allows you to view your flaws and blemishes up close.

Ultimately, you’ll have a clear view of your face so that you can make any makeup adjustments necessary to further enhance your beauty. Magnification is a great addition to any mirror, and if you find a unit you like that is lacking magnification, you can choose to buy an inexpensive unit that can easily be placed on your table.

I wouldn’t recommend not buying a table combo that you like because the mirror isn’t magnified.

But view this feature is an added bonus if it is part of the mirror.

4. Are All Lights Powered Via an Electrical Outlet?

No. There are a lot of inexpensive makeup mirrors that can be illuminated with just a few batteries. These models aren’t really sophisticated, and for the most part, they mimic a Hollywood makeup mirror. But they aren’t the multi-piece table units.

Instead, these units sit on top of your counter or makeup desk.

You’ll need to have AA or AAA batteries to power these lights, and while very convenient, the biggest issue with these makeup mirrors is that the lights will begin to dim when the batteries begin to die.

And when the lighting can be adjusted, it’s a major strain on the batteries.

It’s for this reason that makeup artists prefer to have lights that plug directly into a power outlet – they never have to worry about dimming or subpar lights.

The benefit of the battery-powered models is that they can be easily transported, and if you don’t have an easily accessible power outlet, it makes sense to use a unit that is powered by batteries.

5. Can Lights Be Replaced?

Lights designed for makeup professionals are high-powered, and these lights can be replaced on most units. The good news is that a lot of the lights will be LED, so they’re designed to last over the long-term.

And it makes sense that these lights are used because they’re eco-friendly, produce great lighting and last for thousands of hours.

If you’re looking into buying one of these models, you’ll want to ask the manufacturer or see what others are saying about replacing lights that have burned out. Chances are, these lights are able to be replaced, but if they’re not, the unit will be rendered useless.

A lot of these Hollywood tables will have up to 20 LED lights going around the trim of the mirror.

Even just one bulb dying out will have an impact on your view.

So, if you plan on using your table often and want to make sure that your makeup always looks its best, always choose a unit that can have the bulbs replaced with ease – it’s essential. There is a model in your price range, but you’ll need to take your time and do your research before making a purchase.

There will likely be reviews on a unit you’re interested in buying, and these reviews will provide invaluable insight into the quality of the model you want to buy.

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