6 Benefits of Using a Bathroom Makeup Mirror

6 Benefits of Using a Bathroom Makeup Mirror

A bathroom makeup mirror will change the way you put on your makeup. Whether you’re getting ready to take on the day or you’re going out for a night on the town, the right mirror will help you see your face (and makeup) as it really is.

There are several types of makeup mirrors on the market, and they offer many benefits.

Types of Makeup Mirrors

From magnifying to backlit models, there are many types of makeup mirrors to choose from – and many women have more than one. While you can find hand-held and integrated mirrors in any drugstore, we’re going to focus mainly on large mirrors you’d find in most bathrooms or vanity areas.

Some of the most popular types of mirrors include:


A magnifying mirror is great for applying fine makeup details, like eyeliner, lip liner and eyeshadow that requires blending. These types of mirrors can also help you easily cover blemishes and fine lines, or help people with poor eyesight better apply their makeup.

Magnification mirrors can go as high as 15x or 20x magnification, but higher magnification will cost more. If you need to perform detailed tasks, like plucking your eyebrows, nose hairs or chin hairs, a magnification mirror is ideal because you can see exactly what you’re doing.


Lighted makeup mirrors are also popular, and there are a few different types available. Some have lighting along the edges, while others are backlit.

The great thing about this type of mirror is that it eliminates shadows that regular lighting can cause. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that your makeup will look different in natural light compared to how it looked in the lit mirror.

A lighted mirror is ideal for makeup use, but it’s also great for shaving and even taking selfies. Those YouTube makeup stars you love and follow use lighted ring mirrors to apply their makeup and look stunning in their videos. Because the light illuminates the entire face, videos and photos look better when taken in front of a lighted mirror.


A stationary mirror can be either magnifying or lighted, and comes with the advantage of allowing you to use both hands when applying your makeup.
Stationary mirrors may be attached to a vanity, or they may be hung on the wall in the bathroom.

These are the most common types of makeup mirrors, and each one is easy to care for. Powders, oils and sprays from your makeup are sure to build up over time, which will limit the mirror’s effectiveness. A simple streak-free glass cleaner will keep your mirror looking as good as new for years to come.

6 Benefits of Using a Makeup Mirror

Aside from being easy to care for, there are many other advantages to having a makeup mirror in your bathroom.

1. Better Lighting and Results

If you choose a backlit mirror, you’ll enjoy better lighting and better results with each application.

Lighted mirrors eliminate shadows that overhead lighting can cause, which can affect the application of cosmetics.

Backlit mirrors are the best option simply because they offer full illumination and will highlight your entire face.

If you do choose a lighted mirror, opt for a model with LED lighting, as these use less electricity and have a lifespan of around 1,200 hours.

Also, LED lights come in both warm and cool colors, so you can choose one that complements your complexion.

2. More Space

One of the great advantages to having a modern stationary mirror is that it will take up less space in your home.

Contemporary models are thinner and more compact, so they take up less space on the wall or in your home.

3. Versatile

Makeup mirrors can be extremely versatile. Along with makeup application, you can also use these mirrors when plucking your eyebrows or shaving. Because they are more compact and often have some degree of magnification, you can get a better view of where you’re shaving or plucking.

4. A Variety of Magnification Levels

If you choose a magnifying mirror, you’ll have a variety of levels to choose from. Ranges from 15x to 20x are available, which allow you to better apply makeup in tricky areas, like the eyes and lips.

If you frequently wear eye or lip liner, a magnifying mirror is a must-have.

Lower magnification levels, like 5x or 8x, are also available, which are ideal for putting in contacts or if you normally wear glasses. The lower magnification will allow you to see just as well as you would with your glasses on.

5. A Proper Place to Apply Your Makeup

Whether it’s attached to your desk or hanging on the wall, a makeup mirror gives you a proper place to put on your makeup each day.

Having that designated space makes it easier to apply your makeup, and prevents you from having to fight with other family members for space in the bathroom. It also makes you more likely to engage in self-care because everything you need is right there in front of you.

6. Better Visibility

The right makeup mirror will improve your visibility, so you can apply makeup more precisely and evenly. If you’re used to using a regular bathroom mirror, you’ll appreciate not having to hunch over the counter just to apply some eyeliner or lip liner.

The better overall visibility will help improve your results, so you apply your makeup like a pro every time.

Makeup mirrors make a great addition to any bathroom, and they provide you with your own space to apply your cosmetics each day.

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