8 Organizing Tips from Professional Makeup Artists

8 Organizing Tips from Professional Makeup Artists

Professional makeup artists may always have their trunk full of makeup by their side, but what happens when they get ready at home? Most pros have their own setup that’s neatly organized and ready for use at the drop of a dime.

These eight organizing tips from professional makeup artists will help you stop the madness and get your collection in order.

1. Keep Your Brushes Separated

Brushes are one of the most-used tools in your makeup collection, but improper storage can damage the bristles or cause them to accumulate dust and dirt more quickly.

The simplest way to store your brushes is to place them in a glass cup, jar or old candle holder. There are also specialized makeup brush holders you can buy in the store. Some makeup organizers also include a spot for your brushes.

Make sure that you store your brushes upright and away from your makeup to avoid getting them dusty or dirty quickly.

You can group your brushes together, or you can place coffee beans or beads in the bottom of the jar to keep your brushes separated. Professionals prefer to keep theirs separated, but if you have a lot of brushes, you may not have to space or a jar big enough to go this route.

2. Store Your Lipsticks the Right Way

If you have a big lipstick collection, you probably have a hard time keeping them all in order (it’s easy to get lost in a sea of lipsticks). And finding the shade you need can easily turn into a game of hide and seek.

If you’re storing your lipstick in drawers, you may want to reconsider your organizing method. The best way to organize your lipstick is by keeping them upright with the color tag facing upward.

The color tag will help you find your shade quickly and easily. The only drawback? Now you have to remember all of the names of your lipstick shades.

If you don’t have a professional makeup organizer, you can use an old jewelry box or file organizer.

3. Categorize by Looks if You’re a Makeup Junkie

Maybe you have a huge makeup collection, and you want a smarter way to organize your stash. Try grouping your products together by look instead of by product type.

For example, you can organize your products by day look, evening look and special occasion.

Ideally, you want to keep these looks in separate boxes, so that you can easily take out the box and get right to work.

Another option is to simply organize your products by type, like lipsticks all together in one pouch and eyeshadow all together in a separate box.

While this method works perfectly fine, we prefer to organize by occasion, so that we don’t have to hunt down each product (which wastes more time).

4. Store Everything in a Simple Container if You’re a Makeup Minimalist

If you have a small makeup collection, you can store everything in one simple container. A basket, a simple organizer or even a utensil storage unit (with compartments) can work to keep your makeup tidy.

You can also use a makeup pouch if you want, but avoid storing your brushes here. Pouches can easily damage the brush’s bristles and cause them to get dirty pretty quickly.

Keeping everything in one simple container will help you see everything at a glance, and find things quickly and easily.

5. Organize Items Based on Frequency of Use

Of all the makeup tips from the pros, the most important one of all is organizing by frequency of use. In other words, store your makeup based on how often you use each item.

If you always use a certain eyeshadow quad or lipstick shade, keep these items right within easy reach. This will help you avoid wasting time hunting down products.

Simplifying your morning routine will help make your day less stressful and more pleasant.

6. Evaluate and Toss Old Products

Makeup – just like everything else – has an expiration date. If you’re still holding on to an eyeshadow palette from middle school, it’s time to do some spring cleaning.

Sit down and evaluate your collection of makeup products. Take a look at what you have and think about how old each item is.

Here’s a breakdown of when you should replace each type of makeup:

  • Mascara: 3 months
  • Eyeliner: 3-6 months
  • Eyeshadow: 2 years for powder; 1 year for cream
  • Foundation: 1 year
  • Blush/Bronzer: 2 years
  • Concealer: 1 year
  • Lip gloss: 1 year
  • Lipstick: 1 year
  • Makeup brushes: 1-5 years
  • Makeup sponges: 1 month

Products that are used on the eyes, like eyeliner and mascara, need to be replaced more often so that you don’t introduce unwanted bacteria into your sensitive eyes.

7. Keep Your Tote Organized Properly

If you’re storing your makeup in a tote instead of an organizer, make sure that you separate products into three main categories: creams, powders and tools. This way, you don’t have to worry about liquids leaking and contaminating brushes or ruining your eyeshadow. This also keeps brushes from getting dirty quickly.

Many people prefer totes and pouches because they’re easy to take on the go, and you can store them away in a closet when it’s not in use.

8. Clean, Clean, Clean

While not a technical organizational tip, it’s still an important one: keep your brushes and products clean.

An organized makeup collection shouldn’t be covered in dust and dirt. Clean your brushes after every use, and wipe up any powder left behind from your makeup.

Clean makeup will last longer and help you create a more polished look.

Professional makeup artists have their own techniques and tips for organizing their makeup collection. And they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their storage methods. Ultimately, it’s up to you to find a method that works well with your lifestyle and your makeup habits. Finding a method that works for you (personally) will help streamline your morning routine and help you get out the door with your best foot forward.

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