9 Pro Lighting Tips for Applying Makeup with a Tabletop Vanity Mirror

9 Pro Lighting Tips for Applying Makeup with a Tabletop Vanity MirrorYou’ve just bought a brand new, large tabletop vanity mirror. You’re excited to start using it when applying your makeup. But you’re not sure how to set up the lighting in your room to get the best results possible.

These nine lighting tips will help you get camera-ready when applying your makeup.

1. Daylight is the Best Lighting

Any professional makeup artist will tell you that natural daylight is the best lighting for makeup application. Daylight is clear and diffused, which means your entire face is illuminated and you can easily see if your makeup isn’t blended properly.

If you can, position your tabletop mirror so that you can take advantage of natural daylight from a nearby window or skylight.

2. White Light is the Next Best Thing

It’s not always possible to apply makeup in natural daylight, especially if you’re getting ready for an evening event. If you can’t apply your makeup in natural daylight, natural white light is the next best thing.

Try installing “daylight bulbs” in the bathroom. A wattage of 60-65 is ideal, makeup artists say. Anything brighter will make your face look too bright and blown out, which may cause you to put on too much makeup.

3. Always Stand Directly in Front of the Light

The reason why natural daylight is best for makeup application is because your entire face is illuminated. Keeping shadows to a minimum will ensure that you apply makeup in the right places and in the right amounts.

Have you ever noticed that your makeup (and just about everything else) looks terrible in office and department store lighting? That’s because overhead lighting isn’t flattering.

Overhead lighting will cast shadows and also cause you to put on too much makeup to overcompensate.

4. Avoid Rose, Yellow and Fluorescent Lights

Just as there are certain types of lighting that are ideal for makeup application, there are certain types of lighting that are bad for putting on makeup.

Fluorescent, rose and yellow lighting is terrible for makeup application. Fluorescent lighting highlights all of your imperfections, rose lighting is too warm, and yellow lighting makes you look sallow.

5. Use a Lighted Vanity Mirror

If you don’t have professional makeup lighting installed in your bathroom (most people don’t), a lighted vanity mirror is the best option.

In fact, most people prefer lighted mirrors to even a professional bathroom lighting setup. These mirrors illuminate all the right places and really allow you to see what you’re doing.

These mirrors are also close to your face, so you can see where you’re applying your eyeliner – or lipstick, etc. Many models also have magnification that makes accurate application even easier.

6. Lights Should Be at Face Level

Ideally, you want the lighting to be at face level. Even when using a vanity tabletop mirror, you can still place lights in your bathroom at eye level to give you just the right illumination.

If the lighting is too far above or below your face, it will cast unflattering shadows that not only make it difficult to see what you’re doing, but will also cause you to put on too much makeup to compensate.

7. Dimmers are Beneficial

It may be beneficial to install dimmers in your bathroom, so you have more control over the lighting.

Dimmers allow you to brighten or dim the lighting as needed, so you can ensure that your face is properly illuminated – without any unflattering shadows.

8. Cross Illumination is Best

Cross illumination is ideal. When using more than one light and on each side of the face, you ensure that your entire face is lit up and easy to see.

If you’re using a lighted makeup mirror, you don’t have to worry about this tip, as you’ll naturally have cross illumination. But if you’re relying on your bathroom’s lighting, makeup artists suggest having two lights on either side of your mirror. These lights should be evenly spaced, so your lighting is even.

9. Bring a Light with You When Buying Makeup

This tip will help you avoid makeup snafus in the future. When buying your makeup, bring your own light with you.

Department store lighting is never flattering. This is why foundation that looked great in the store often looks terrible at home.

If possible, bring your own light with you when you shop for makeup, and test out colors near a window if you can. This way, you can ensure that you choose flattering colors and the right foundation shade for your skin tone.

Keep these lighting tips in mind when using your tabletop vanity mirror, so you apply your makeup properly the first time. And remember, if you can’t do your makeup in natural light, natural white light bulbs are the second-best thing. Brighter isn’t better, and stand in front of the light when applying your makeup.

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