Dream Makeup Mirror team here.

I’m Nataliia, the main author behind Dream Makeup Mirror. I’m a makeup artist by day, friend by night, and on occasion, I like to share my expertise on the Internet to try and help others enhance their makeup overnight.

Working with beautiful women on a daily basis, I’m shocked by how many women don’t have the most vital tool to success: a high-end mirror.

You wouldn’t drive if you couldn’t see the road. Why would you apply makeup without being able to see every contour of your face? The wrong lighting can make your makeup look subpar, even if your technique is perfect.

That’s what I am here for – teaching you about makeup mirrors and the tips us pros use to make your makeup go from boring to sassie.

Trust me, you’ll be able to adjust your mirror just like the pros in just a few days.

My Goal

Stop going out of the house with makeup no woman would dare be seen in. You have natural beauty, and my goal is to help you accentuate this beauty through:

  • Guides on the best makeup tools
  • Reviews of the best makeup mirrors
  • Advice on how to amplify your makeup techniques

My mission is to touch on the reader’s (hey, that’s you) pain points to guarantee when they pick up eyeliner or go to apply foundation, they’re confident the results will shine.

How You Can Help

If you have burning questions or advice you would like to share, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on social media or leave a comment on how we can help. I like to think we’re forming a community of women empowerment that will come together with great content and engagement.

My articles help you!

Share them with others and let the world know we’re here to help.

Signing off – Nataliia the Makeup Queen.