Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror Review

Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror Review

You might not see the importance of using a mirror to apply makeup, but if you get the chance to use one, you will want to have your own makeup mirror. A makeup mirror is not your ordinary mirror that simply reflects light.

Makeup mirrors, also referred to as personal mirrors, range in sizes from compact enough to be carried, to full body sizes. They may come with LED lights, be handheld, or adjustable.

When buying a makeup mirror, a few things should be kept in mind. It should reflect real image with a magnified view; it should reflect a non-distorted image in order to help you perfect the task you are doing on your face;  good magnification also helps you determine unwanted hairs and unsuccessfully covered blemishes.

A good personal mirror should have the right dimensions that will show your entire face and some more expensive mirrors have multi-angle view features.

There are a wide variety of mirrors today; they vary in size, portability, price, and features. One good model of a makeup mirror is the Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror. It is loaded with features that most users love.


Important features to check on makeup mirrors are the magnification, the quality of reflection, size, and the portability. The Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror is packed with features, and if you are particular on the weight, size, and portability, this makeup mirror is perfect for you.

The Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror is very compact, and it can be easily transported or carried along wherever you go. It is lightweight, and has a diameter of 6”. When folded, the Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror is just half a square foot.

It comes with LED lighting which provides a well-lit reflection to help you see blemishes and unwanted hairs. This LED lighting provides natural daylight. It is battery operated and cordless.

When it comes to the quality of reflection, the Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror gives off a powerful 10 x magnification. This power allows you to easily focus on particular parts of your face. It comes with a 360° rotation and a suction cup so you can attach it securely to your desired position or angle; you can attach it to your bathroom mirror or wall.

If you are not satisfied with the Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror, you will receive a refund with its 100% money-back guarantee.

Also, this compact lightweight makeup mirror sports a chrome finish, making it appear classy and elegant.

When it comes to identifying Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror’s pros and cons, this makeup mirror has more pros than cons. These are listed below.


  • No more tangled cords because the LED lighting of the Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror is powered by batteries
  • The LED lighting provides natural daylight and helps brighten your face
  • The easy-lock suction stays intact for weeks
  • The light is dimmable
  • The Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror provides up to 10 x magnification
  • Has a 360° swivel capability
  • It is travel efficient and lightweight


  • Some users wish the Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror had adjustable lighting
  • Others complained about the lack of a travel case to protect it during travel


A makeup mirror is essential in providing a detailed image of your face. This will effectively emphasize hard-to-see blemishes and unwanted hairs. This is done with a makeup mirrors with LED lights and a high magnification. While there are many makeup mirrors with these features, not all of them are good quality.

Fortunately, the Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror provides the features that most people are looking for. The LED lighting provides natural daylight and is operated with 3 AAA batteries.

No more tangled cords or an annoying bulge inside your bag. It has 10 x magnification, easy lock suction, and 360° swivel capability. It stays intact on the wall for weeks.

What most people love about Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror is its portability. It is lightweight and only measures half of a square foot when folded and packed inside a bag.

However, some customers say that it would be better if it came with a case. One customer complained about placing it inside her bag and eventually ended up with it broken because it had no case.

Some advantages of Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror that users praise are its ability to provide real image without any distortion. This enables them to don their makeup perfectly, or remove unwanted hairs.

The Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror is ideal for travelers who want to look and feel good.

With its mid-range price and features, the Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror is worth the price. It even comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with it. Once you use it, applying makeup will become easier and more convenient.

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