Hardwired Makeup Mirror 101: Installation and Usage Tips Included

Hardwired Makeup Mirror 101Makeup is an art form. When a person, man or woman, applies makeup, they need the right mirror for the job. Proper lighting and visibility allow you to see the contours of the face and apply proper shadowing to enhance your look even further.

But those small, handheld mirrors women are often seen carrying don’t match up to the capability of a hardwired makeup mirror.

What is a Hardwired Makeup Mirror?

A hardwired makeup mirror connects to an outlet just as your built-in lights do. Often installed in the bathroom, these lights are permanently attached to connected circuits, allowing them to become permanent fixtures in your home.

And you’ll find that these makeup mirrors provide the light source that your often bigger bathroom mirror doesn’t offer.

When a mirror is hardwired, this means it needs power for something. What does this something include? It depends:

  • Lighting: A direct wire will allow for the mirror to offer some form of lighting. I don’t think I’ve seen a hardwired mirror without lighting. The light is often around the edge of the mirror, allowing for the perfect lighting when applying makeup.
  • Magnification: Most, if not all, mirrors will include some form of magnification. When you can change the magnification, you’ll be able to get an up close view of those problem areas that often go overlooked. This is how you make your makeup skills really stand out.

You’ll often find these mirrors in rounded form, but there are also rectangular models that work well, too. It’s all a matter of preference and the look of the room when considering the shape of the mirror. While there are many different shape options, round is the most popular choice.

Who Uses Hardwired, Lighted Makeup Mirrors?

If you’re wondering who installs makeup mirrors in their home, you’ll find the answer is simple: the wealthy. You’ll also find an interesting trend where more people are buying these mirrors because they’ve come down so much in price.

The installation is also very simple, so a lot of people are installing a hardwired, lighted makeup mirror in their homes.

You can install one of these mirrors, too.

Professionals that are using these mirrors to offer an enhanced experience in their establishments are:

  • Spas: High-end spas have only the best for their clients. The lighted look makes the room look rich, and it amplifies the experience, leading to more customers returning for a second spa treatment, or a third or fourth.
  • Hotels: Dinky, old hotels are dated and don’t have any neat features that higher end hotels offer. A high-end hotel knows that their clients need to look their best, so you’ll often find a hardwired mirror in these establishments.
  • High-end Homes: High-end homes often have the best lights and mirrors in their bathrooms. Celebrities and the wealthy get to enjoy the hardwired lighting that allows them to apply makeup like a pro.

The great news is that you too can enjoy one of these mirrors in your home. The setup process isn’t too difficult, so you’ll be able to install them quickly. You can also ask for the help of a professional who will make sure your mirror is properly installed.

How to Setup a Hardwired Mirror

You’ll need a little know-how in construction to be able to install a hardwired mirror properly. This seems like a scary feat, and it is. Every model will come with some form of instructions, but they’re often vague.

A good video to follow is:

Of course, your local handyman will be able to install a mirror, too. The idea is simple, but you don’t want to get zapped in the process. The circuit breaker to the bathroom or room you’re installing the fixture in should be shut off to ensure no electricity is going to the wires in the room.

Tips for Using a Lighted Makeup Mirror

When using a lighted mirror, you’ll want to make sure that you follow a few basic tips to get the most out of your investment. Every mirror is different, so you may need to alter these tips as necessary to really benefit from them.

The tips that makeup artists recommend are:

  • Altering the Lighting: Use the lighting to mimic the lighting of the room you’ll be in. For example, leave the overhead lights off if you’ll be applying makeup that will only be seen in a romantic ambiance at a fancy restaurant.
  • Adjust the Mirror Lighting: Some mirrors will allow you to adjust the lighting of the mirror. You’ll find some models have natural and daylight settings. Learn these settings and alter them to take lighting one step further.
  • Change Positioning: The mirror is mounted, but you can take the time to adjust your positioning to look at yourself from different angles. The goal is to make sure that no matter the angle someone sees you in, you’ll look great. The mirror may also be adjustable, which is a nice added bonus.

Don’t be afraid to use other mirrors to help, too. While the wired mirror is definitely a high-end product, this doesn’t mean you’re tied to using just one mirror. Check your makeup in another mirror and in a different light to see spots you may have missed during application.

You can never have too many tools and tricks when applying makeup.

If you’ve yet to buy a hardwired makeup mirror, there are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase, such as:

  • Installation: There needs to be enough room to safely install the mirror. A cramped bathroom may not be a good choice, but this doesn’t mean you can’t install the mirror in the corner of a room.
  • Magnification: A magnification level of 5x is rather standard, so always look for a mirror with a 5x or higher magnification level.
  • Light Adjustments: A few models will allow you to adjust the lighting brightness with the tap of a finger. This is a great option if you want to see how your makeup will look in a variety of lighting situations.

Once you install one of these mirrors, you’ll question how you ever applied makeup without one before.

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