How to Choose the Right Natural Light Vanity Mirror

How to Choose the Right Natural Light Vanity MirrorWhat type of lighting do you use when applying your makeup? If it isn’t natural light, your makeup won’t look as good as you’d hoped.

Natural light is just right for makeup application. It hits your face directly from the front, which illuminates all areas of your face. And at just the right color, you won’t have to overcompensate with your foundation or blush, so you can enjoy a more natural look.

But how often can you realistically apply your makeup in the sun? If you’re like most people, you’re rushing out the door to get to work or you’re getting ready for an evening out after the sun has gone down.

What can you do to ensure your makeup looks flawless when real natural light isn’t an option?

A natural light vanity mirror.

These mirrors are affordable, portable (in most cases) and mimic natural sunlight, so you can achieve that flawless look no matter where you put on your makeup.

How Does a Natural Light Makeup Mirror Work?

A natural light makeup mirror isn’t all that different from a regular makeup mirror. The main difference is the brightness and the color of the light on the mirror.

There are three main color temperatures for artificial lighting (i.e. light bulbs):

  • Soft white
  • Bright white (sometimes called “cool white”)
  • Daylight

A bulb is placed into one of these three categories based on its Kelvin rating. A soft white bulb is the warmest at just 2700K-3000K, while bright white is between 3500K and 4100K.

Natural daylight is between 5000K and 6500K.

Light becomes whiter as the Degrees Kelvin moves higher.

There’s a major difference between even bright white light and daylight bulbs.

If you’re used to using the conventional soft white bulbs installed in most homes, you’ll feel like you’ve been putting makeup on in the dark when you switch to daylight bulbs.

Great! But How Do These Mirrors Work?

A daylight makeup mirror works the same way any other lighted makeup mirror works. A mirror, usually round, is surrounded by a ring-shaped light bulb that illuminates your face.

The only difference between a daylight mirror and any other makeup mirror is the temperature of the light.

The great thing about these mirrors is that they illuminate your face from the front, which helps you apply your makeup more evenly.

In most cases, these mirrors have LED bulbs installed, which last longer and are bright.

What Types of Natural Light Mirrors are There?

There are a few different types of vanity mirrors that have natural daylight bulbs.

Round Tabletop Mirror

The most common type of mirror is the round tabletop mirror. You’ve seen these online, and this is the type of mirror you’re probably most familiar with. In most cases, round tabletop mirrors have one side with magnification and one side without it. Both sides are lighted, too.

Sometimes, these round mirrors are portable, so you can take them with you while traveling or wherever you please. If you want a travel-friendly mirror, opt for one that has a foldable base and a case to protect the mirror while making it easy to pack.

Tri-Fold Mirror

A tri-fold mirror is a lot like a round mirror in that it sits on a tabletop or vanity (or wherever you do your makeup). But the nice thing about a tri-fold model is that it lets you see your face from all angles.

When using a regular mirror, it’s hard to see what the right or left side of your face looks like. Maybe you have a bit too much blush on your left cheek or your eyeliner is out of whack. You may not be able to see these imperfections if you’re only looking at your face head-on.

A tri-fold mirror doesn’t swivel (in most cases), so you normally don’t have the option of choosing between magnification and a regular mirror. That’s really the only complaint with this mirror. If you choose one with magnification, you’ll never be able to see what you look like in a normal mirror.

Mountable Mirror

Along with tabletop vanity mirrors, there are also mountable lighted mirrors. These can either be mounted onto a wall or stuck to a mirror using a strong suction cup.

Most people prefer the suction cup mirrors just because they’re so easy to install. In many cases, these types of mirrors can also be taken down and used as a tabletop mirror.

You also have the option of choosing a permanent mounted mirror. These are actually mounted into the wall. While sturdy and durable, you don’t have the option of taking this mirror down or repositioning it. But many models do have extending arms that allow you to pull the mirror closer to your face. This can help you apply your makeup a little better because you won’t have to hunch over the counter just to see your face clearly.

Rectangular Mirrors

Round mirrors are the most common type of makeup mirror, but most people agree that they can be pretty limited in terms of viewing space.

Rectangular mirrors are a little more modern and allow you to easily see your entire face without having to stand far away.

The lighted versions of these mirrors are just like the ones used at runway shows and by professional makeup artists.

Just like with round mirrors, you’ll find both tabletop and mounted versions. Mounted versions are usually big and mounted onto bedroom walls. Suction cup rectangular mirrors are rare simply because of its awkward shape.

When choosing a lighted makeup mirror, you have many options available, but natural light is almost always the best choice. It mimics daylight (the best type of light for makeup application), and it offers the convenience of being able to apply your makeup just about anywhere.

If you’re having a hard time picking a mirror, consider your makeup habits. If you always put your makeup on in the bathroom, a mounted mirror may be the best option. But if you apply it in the bedroom or sitting at a vanity, then a tabletop mirror may be the ideal option for you.

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