How to Make a Makeup Mirror

How to Make a Makeup Mirror

Makeup mirrors are great for reflecting your entire face and the detailed angles of it. Makeup mirrors are not only practical in applying makeup but also in removing unwanted hairs and spotting blemishes. It is one of the most popular uses of mirror aside from medical instruments and safety.

Manufacturers have been creating different styles and models of makeup mirrors. Some have sophisticated features, some are expensive and elegant looking, while others are cheap. But did you know that you too can create your own makeup mirror?

Making a makeup mirror is not that complicated. If you read and follow properly the instructions, you will successfully have your own. So here’s how to make a makeup mirror:

1. Get all the necessary supplies

The first thing that you need is a piece of mirror. Make sure that it has the dimensions you want and a border where the vanity light bars can be attached. It can be bought at home good stores, thrift shops, home improvement stores, and home depos.

Second, you need vanity light bar equipment. These include the scissors, two extension cords, and picture hanging strips with adhesive tape). They are easily available at homes. But for vanity light bars, you can purchase them at hardware stores or lighting stores. Vanity light bars in different sizes can be also purchased online.

2. Take the light bar out of their boxes

Take off the caps around the sides of each socket then set aside these caps. You will need them when you reinsert them after installing the light bars. The light bars are reflective too so the bases of the light bulbs are hidden when re installed.

3. Secure the light bars onto the mirror with a screw.

Place the light bars on opposite sides of the mirror or put them where you want them most so they are even against the mirror frame. The screws or holes in the light bar are placed in several parts depending on the type of light bars you buy. secure the light bar to the mirror using a screw driver.

4. Then, cut the extension cords.

Using a pair of scissors, cut off the extension cord on the end of the adapter. Make sure that you don’t cut yourself. The cut should be ¼ inch at the end of the cord.

5. Uncover the copper wiring

Use the scissors to cut the plastic covering of each cord. Pull the plastic apart until the copper wiring is exposed. Do it on all wires of both extension cords. Note: make sure that you don’t cut the copper wire when you are cutting the plastic covering.

6. After working on the vanity light bar, the next step is to set up the makeup mirror with lights

First, connect the extension cord to the vanity light. Lift off the top bar of the vanity light bar. The copper wiring is now visible. Take the copper ends of the cord you split; the smooth copper ends should be twisted with the black vanity cord. Get the rough copper end and twist it together with the white vanity cord.

Then, put the wire nuts on the cords. The wire nuts which come with the vanity light bars are cone shaped and usually orange or yellow. Take one wire nut and put it in the copper wire you have just twisted. Twist it until it is secure. Repeat this step for each connection between the extension cord and the light bar. When you’re done, all the copper ends will be covered.

Put back the light bar cover after making sure that wire nuts for both white and black wires are firmly twisted. Make sure that the cords are all covered after attaching the light bar cover. Then attach the light bulbs by getting the metallic caps that you set aside. Put them back around the sides of the electrical socket.

Make sure that each bulb is secured into each electrical socket. Plug in the extension cord to power outlet and check if the bulbs are turned on.

Lastly, hang the makeup mirror by marking the back of the mirror when you want to screw in hardware. It is better to use a mirror that already comes with hooks attached to its back. Measure the distances in between the hooks and create the same measure on the wall. Using a drill, attach the screw to the wall where you can hang the mirror.

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