How to Organize Makeup Palettes

How to Organize Makeup PalettesI have a confession: I have an obsession with makeup palettes. I have more than I can count on two hands, and they all have different shades of every color on the rainbow.

I don’t have a problem with my slight addiction, but I do have a problem finding ways to organize my growing palette collection.

There are so many conventional and creative ways to store palettes. My makeup vanity is a hodgepodge of different palette organizers, and they each have their own benefits.

Here are my tips on how to organize your makeup palettes.

The Horizontal Organizer

Horizontal organizers are one of my favorite ways to store palettes because it’s so easy to find what you’re looking for.

They’re like makeup filing cabinets. In fact, they look a lot like the file organizers you find on most office desks.

The great thing about these types of organizers is that you can clearly see your collection. Most of the time, you can fit more than one palette in a slot, so you can store more without taking up more space.

What’s also great about this organizational method is that you can store your palettes by color, brand or however you please. And horizontal organizers come in a variety of sizes, so you can easily find one that will store your entire collection.

The Vertical Organizer

Vertical organizers are another great way to keep your palettes neat and tidy. These organizers look more like towers, and your organized palettes look like a stack of books.

A palette tower also makes it easy to find everything you need, and they have the added bonus of being tremendous space-savers.

There are a few different types of towers. Some just have simple slots, like how CD towers used to be. Others have supports on both sides and slots for the palettes to slide in. I prefer the type with supports because I find that my palettes slide out of the other type too easily. I’ve been known to knock a few over, too.

With that said, many people prefer vertical organizers because they save space.

Baskets in Drawers

If you’re looking to go the DIY route, using baskets inside of drawers can be a useful way to store palettes. I prefer using actual organizers, but this method will work in a pinch and if you’re on a tight budget.

The nice thing about this method is that you can use as many (or as few) baskets as you need to store your collection.

The dollar store is the best place to find cheap, durable baskets for your palettes. I recommend choosing long, rectangular and narrow baskets. Narrow is better than wide because your palettes may slide around and crack. The goal is to have just enough space to stand them up horizontally.

The only exception to this rule is if you don’t have a huge palette collection and can fit them all into one basket.

Once you have your baskets, just line them up in your drawer, and add your palettes. You can organize them however you please.

If you have other makeup that you want to store, you can use smaller baskets to hold your items along with your palettes. This is a nice way to fill out the drawer and keep everything neat, tidy and snug.

File Organizers

If you’re looking for DIY horizontal organizers, like the ones I talked about earlier, you can use simple desk file organizers to keep everything tidy.

I confess to having one of these on my desk (one with a pretty scrollwork design). It was upcycled from an old office, and it works perfectly to hold my special collection of palettes.

You can find file organizers in any office supply or big box store. Some are open on the sides, while others are completely enclosed. In this case, the open-side organizers are better because you can just slide out your palette and get right to work.

If you have a file organizer laying around, use it to store your palettes. It’s free, and it won’t take up too much space on your vanity.

Hanging Racks

If you want to maximize your vanity space, hanging racks may be the best option for you. While not as convenient or easily accessible as other organizers, a hanging rack will give you more space in front of the mirror.

You can purchase racks designed for palettes, and you may even be able to hang one on a vertical organizer on the wall. You also have the option of upcycling a rack and using it to store your makeup.

An old CD rack would be great for this, or even a magazine rack.

Regular Makeup Organizer

While you can buy specialized organizers just for palettes, you’ll also find that regular makeup organizers are great for storing them, too.

Most have slots or drawers that are just the right size for your makeup.

Regular makeup organizers are a great way to store palettes if you have a small collection. If you have a lot of different palettes, it might be harder to fit them all in one single organizer.

The great thing about this organizational method is that you can store all of your other makeup as well. From lipstick to eyeliner, foundation and even perfume, you can store most of your beauty items in these organizers.

Once you’ve found an organizational method that you like, you can then decide how you want to store your palettes. Do you want to group them by how often you use them, color, brand, or something else? Sorting only becomes an issue if you have a really big collection. If you just have a few palettes, you can store them however you please and won’t be searching high and low for what you need.

These are the most effective methods I’ve found for storing palettes, but I’m sure there are more creative ways to organize them.

Do you have any DIY organizers that you use to store your palettes?

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