How to Pick the Best Train Case for Makeup Artists

Are you a makeup artist with more makeup equipment than you know what to do with? A lot of makeup artists are in the same predicament. There’s a lot of accessories that you’ll need as a makeup artist, and knowing where to put all of your items is very difficult.

The best train case for makeup artists will have everything you need to store your items effectively.

But how do you pick out a train case?

If you go on Amazon, you’ll find so many different models available and tons of features to choose from. It’s not an easy choice to make when trying to pick a train case.

What I am going to tell you today is how to pick the best train case.

How Makeup Artists Can Choose the Best Train Case

I’m going to start off with the basics. You need a train case for your makeup, and this means you’ll also need to have an appropriate budget. There are a wide range of options available, and what you need may not be in your budget.

A general price range is:

  • $25 or less
  • $100 or less
  • $300+

If you want a basic makeup train case that isn’t high-end and is portable, the lower two pricing ranges will suffice. You can find a lot of great items in the $25 to $100 range. True professionals can choose to go with high-end models that are $400+ in many cases.

These options are often more durable. They offer legs and mirrors, and they have more than enough room for all of your makeup accessories.

You’ll also find that these options will fold neatly into a suitcase-like style that is easy to cart around.

Try and find a budget that works for you. Not everyone will be able to afford a high-end model, and there are other options out there if you’re not able to afford these models.

Once you have your budget in place, you’ll need to look at the features and specs of each train case:

  • Train table options. Offered in the high-end bracket, these cases are like a makeup studio on wheels. Free-standing and portable, these cases open up to offer a full makeup studio with mirrors, trays, compartments, outlets and organizable options. These are the best of the best, and they will fold right back into the case when done so that you can wheel your makeup case away with you on-the-go.
  • Portable options. If you go on the lower-end of the spectrum, you’ll find that there are smaller, easier-to-transport train cases. These models are lightweight, and they’ll have a soft exterior. Organization is available, with ample pockets and zipper options that make carrying your makeup items easy.

Now, the train table models are very nice for a professional makeup artist. The ordinary person who applies makeup in the morning may not need this case. The case is truly meant for professionals that can bring their own makeup studio with them on-the-go.

But then you’ll want to consider a few other features to make sure that you have a case that you can confidently bring around:

  • Soft exterior. The soft exterior of a makeup case makes the case lighter. You’ll be able to pick these cases up and be on your way. This exterior’s major drawback is that the case is soft. If you drop the case, sit on it or bring it with you to the airport, there’s a good chance that the contents of your case will break. No one wants their makeup items to break, so if you choose the soft exterior, make sure you’re able to pay a little more attention to the way that you handle your case.
  • Hard exterior. The hard exterior of a train case doesn’t have any “wiggle room,” so you can’t overstuff these cases in the same way that you do a soft case. The hard case is more durable, heavier and will likely come on wheels. Superior in durability and protection, these are great options for anyone on-the-go.

The exterior of the case is vital to protecting your makeup items, so if you want the best option, you’ll want to hard exterior. Soft exteriors are great options for the non-professional or someone just starting in the industry.

What else do you need to consider?

  • Brush compartments. You will want to put your brushes in a neat, organized case. You’ll find a lot of cases that offer you brush pouches that allow you to confidently store your brushes away for later use.
  • Trays. Little accessories will fit neatly away in trays. These are your makeup compacts and other small items that you can tuck away in trays. Hard models often have trays, while soft models make up for the lack of trays with zippered pouches and pockets.
  • Compartments. You need to have compartments available that will hold all of your items neatly. Removable dividers allow you to properly organize all of your makeup items with ease. You’ll find that these dividers offer versatility with your storage, allowing you to store makeup of all sizes in the case.
  • Zippers. There are zipper options available, too. The zippers will be great for smaller items or items that roll. You’ll pack these smaller items away inside the zippered area so that they don’t fall out. Lipsticks, for example, or nail polish often does well in these zippered compartments.

And if you’re like most people, you’ll want to make sure that your investment is safe. How do you do this? You do it by reading reviews, seeking warranties and researching a company you’re purchasing your items from.

Reviews are the easiest way to determine how worthwhile an investment is when purchasing.

You’ll want to read through reviews, make your own assessment of the product and go from there. A lot of people will leave reviews, so judge the reviews based on the good and bad qualities of a train case.

Companies that chime in on the conversation, refund money or replace an item are always a good choice because they stand by their products.

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