Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror Review

Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror Review

“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?”

Have you ever experienced leaving the house with poorly done makeup or unwanted facial hair? You always blame it on your lack of time or poor makeup application skills. Who has blamed it on the mirror?

Makeup mirrors provide a clear view of your face. Most models are built with LED lights to provide brightness, even in a dark environment. Most models also magnify at certain levels.

If you are new to the world of modern personal mirrors, choosing a good quality makeup mirror is not difficult. There are a few important things to look for: the quality of the reflection; convenience; portability; magnification; the LED lights; and more.

Makeup mirrors come in different sizes—small and compact sizes that you can carry along with you in your purse,  or full-body sizes that can provide a good real image before you leave your house.

Some are expensive; some are more affordable. But what’s important is not the cost but the quality, features, and style that make a makeup mirror cost-effective and worth the money.

One of the most affordable makeup mirror is the Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror. Here is a  product review about this luxuriously designed makeup mirror.


The Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror is an 8” mirror that can be hung on the wall, and offers a 14” extension. It has a great appearance; many customers are attracted by its its nickel finish construction which also absorbs moisture and condensation. Many hotels even use it because of its elegance and classy design.

Have a look at your face at different angles? The Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror comes with a smooth 360° swivel design. Its extension arm smoothly rotates to all angles for an adjustable perspective.

It provides a very clear image because of its 1 x and 5 x magnification options for a detailed face view.  Plus, it has a powered halo lighting around the mirror which can be turned on every time you need it. The mirror package comes with an extra 25 watt replacement lightbulb and mounting hardware.

This quality makeup mirror is manufactured by Jerdon. Jerdon has earned costumers’ trust in designing a broad range of mirrors, hair dryers, and other cosmetic equipment for 40 years in the beauty industry; this Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror is another Jerdon perfection.

Jerdon understands the value of money. So this Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror comes with a 1-year limited warranty to make sure you are satisfied with the product.

Among the makeup mirror brands in the market today, the Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror is one of the brands that has more positive qualities more than drawbacks. We have listed some of the pros and cons as per feedback from users.


  • Can be mounted on the wall, and its 14” extension makes it more flexible and adjustable
  • Has 1 x and 5 x magnification options
  • Has 360° swivel design
  • Its nickel finish construction absorbs moisture and condensation
  • Has halo lighting for brighter reflection
  • Two-sided makeup mirror with just the right size
  • The Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror is a complete package with a 25 watt replacement bulb and mounting hardware
  • It is commonly used in luxury hotels because of its classic, elegant style
  • Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror is easy to install


The lights around the mirror can get a bit hot


When it comes to makeup mirrors, look for the Jerdon brand. Jerdon has been in the beauty industry for 40 years, and it has been trusted to deliver high-quality, durable, and flexible makeup mirrors that make cosmetic application easier and more convenient.

This Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror is another masterpiece from Jerdon Style. It has an elegant looking, nickel finish construction that can absorb moisture. It can make any room interior look classier. In fact, this makeup mirror has been installed in luxury hotels.

It is a two-sided mirror that comes in 1 x and 5 x magnifications. It can be easily attached to the wall, and is adjustable with its 40” extension and 360° swivel design. It is 8” in size—just enough to reflect your whole face and provide a detailed view.

It is surrounded by halo lighting to make the reflection as bright as daylight. However, some customers are not happy with the lights getting a bit hot. The package comes with an extra light bulb and mounting hardware. Plus, it has 1-year limited warranty.

Overall, the Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror is one of the high-quality and most flexible makeup mirrors today. You won’t find anything like it on the market because it is unique and comes with great, practical features.

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