Magnification Mirror 101: What’s the Highest Magnification Mirror?

Magnification Mirror 101: What's the Highest Magnification Mirror?We’ve all seen a high magnification mirror before. These mirrors offer 5x, 10x and even 15x magnification, but who really needs these strong mirrors? Do you need one? These are just two of the questions we hope to answer.

What is a Magnification Mirror?

Magnification mirrors allow you to have a closer, clearer view of the subject in a mirror: you. Small hairs that you’re trying to pluck or missed portions around the eyes can make your eyes look unfinished and boring.

But the right eyeliner, applied with 100% accuracy, allows for a beautiful look.

You’ll find that magnification is very helpful when applying makeup because it allows you to see areas that you would normally not see. These areas are the areas you’re often trying to hide with your makeup: blemishes, wrinkles and huge pores.

A magnification mirror can be handheld, but most are placed on the counter.

You can also find these mirrors affixed to the wall and offering the ability to magnify with the touch of your hand. There are also lighter mirrors that help to emit the right lighting to your face so that you never miss a shadow or inch of skin again.

Think of a magnification mirror as a major upgrade to your standard at-home mirror.

Who Needs a Magnification Mirror?

You’re probably thinking: who needs these fancy mirrors anyway? There’s no way I need these mirrors! And you would be wrong. There was a time when I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone buy one of these makeup mirrors because they were so expensive.

I mean, really, really expensive.

But there was also a time when flat screen television were expensive, too. Now, prices have come down so much that I recommend everyone that applies makeup often have a magnification mirror in their home.

Think of it this way, would you want to start an art project with no tools at all?

Or would you rather make a painting so amazing that it rivals even the best painters during the Renaissance?

If you would rather paint a masterpiece, you need a magnification mirror. Many makeup artists have these mirrors installed in their homes because it allows them to ensure that their makeup is applied perfectly.

Anyone that puts on makeup can use these high quality mirrors.

What Magnification Levels Are Available?

You’re probably wondering what magnification levels are available for a mirror, and the answer is a lot. You might not need the most powerful magnification, or you might find that you need an in-between magnification or a variety of different levels of magnification.

There is a mirror for every person’s needs.

  • 1x – 2x: Weak magnification mirrors often fall within the 1x – 2x range, and these mirrors only slightly magnify the face. While great, these mirrors are not useful unless held close to the face for magnification. In truth, these mirrors do little to make magnifying the face easier.
  • 5x: The 5x mirror is actually the most common, and this is the mirror you’ll find when trying to find shaving mirrors. While nowhere near as powerful as the mirrors we’ll be talking about next, the 5x mirror is useful for most tasks. You’ll also have an easy time finding these mirrors for sale, and they’re super affordable, which is always nice.
  • 7x – 8x: The 7x – 8x mirror is obviously more powerful than the 5x mirror, and it’s a deep magnification that’s ideal for most makeup applications and eyebrow plucking. These mirrors need to be a little larger in size to allow for proper magnification without making the area look too blurry.
  • 10x+: The 10x magnification is one of the strongest, but we’re talking about 10x magnification and higher. Ideal for makeup application, shaving and even people with bad eyesight, these mirrors can often zoom in on a single location to allow for an easier time seeing.

If you’re wondering which mirror to buy, I would avoid anything below the 5x mark. You’ll find some mirrors that do have the option to adjust between 2x and 10x, for example, and there is nothing wrong with choosing these mirrors.

And I actually like the fact that you can easily adjust the mirrors to your liking.

But besides this, I would not recommend such a low magnification level for serious makeup application. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have any mirror when none is available, but you’re not going to have the optimal benefits of a makeup mirror.

The truth is that low magnification, while better than none, doesn’t really help in the 1x – 2x range.

So, you need to decide what’s best for you. If you plan on applying makeup often and want a mirror that can zoom in on your pores and blemishes to allow you to apply your makeup effectively, higher magnification is best.

What’s the Highest Magnification Mirror Available?

High magnification can help you see every millimeter of your face, and it’s great when you find a mirror that really works for you. The highest magnification mirror that I’ve been able to find is 20x. A 20x magnification zooms right in on any portion of your face that you desire.

It’s extremely powerful.

And while many women don’t own these mirrors, those that do are often makeup artists or professionals that need to make their clients look their best at all times. I say that every woman deserves a high magnification mirror that makes them apply makeup that’s stunning and beautiful

Why hold your beauty back?

There’s no need to use an old mirror that is outdated. Magnification mirrors are affordable and allow you to experience the beautiful life every millimeter at a time if you wish.

Once you have a makeup mirror installed, you’ll find that it’s a priceless addition to your makeup routine. You may even find that your makeup looks ten times better and nearly perfect despite using the same makeup. It’s the small details that make the biggest difference during makeup application.

And the right mirror is a trick that all makeup artists recommend when you’re trying to apply makeup like a pro.

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