Makeup Case with Mirror and Lights 101

If you’re serious about your makeup, you need to have the proper lighting. Why? Precision. If you have any experience applying your own makeup, you know that you’ll look different in different lighting.

Shades can make a difference, too.

When it comes to shading, it’s also difficult to get your shading just right without the right light. In the ideal situation, you’ll have lighting that looks natural and reflects on the face. Visibility is important in makeup application, and if you can’t see properly, your makeup will suffer.

But, what can you do when you’re on-the-go? A lot of women will use the mirror in their car to do their makeup. We’ve all seen women applying makeup when they’re parked, and sometimes they’re such in a rush that they apply their makeup at a traffic light.

Looking your best doesn’t mean you have to rush in the car trying to make sure you look just perfect at every angle.

You’ll find that you can buy a makeup case with mirror and lights.

It’s the perfect combination of functionality and features. Just think about not having to spend hours in front of your home mirror trying to get the lighting just right. You also don’t have to be “that” person that spends their time at a traffic light applying their makeup.

These cases make last-minute makeup application far easier.

How do you choose one of these makeup cases and what benefits do they offer?

How to Choose a Makeup Case with Mirror and Lights

I just started seeing these amazing makeup cases on the market. I’m shocked that it took this long for someone to finally combine: cases, mirrors and lights. It seems like something that should be so natural, but I guess the technology just wasn’t there yet.

In either case, how would you go about choosing and buying one of these cases?

  1. The dimensions of the case are very important. You need a case that is wide enough for a decent-sized mirror. You’ll find studio quality makeup mirrors that have dimensions of 20″ – 24″ in width (nearly 2 foot), as well as height of 18″ or more, which is a nice foot-and-a-half.
  2. Height. The height of the case can often be adjusted. When the case’s height can be adjusted, this is great for getting the right angle for makeup application. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to get the height just right to see your face without slouching over. Choosing a case that has height adjustment puts less strain on your back and allows for more natural makeup application.
  3. Lighting. The lighting is of the utmost importance. You need bright, natural lighting if you want to be able to apply your makeup like a professional. It’s difficult to say what lighting will be best for you, but you do want to make sure that there are two things: enough lighting and natural lighting. If you can ensure just these two things, you’ll be much better off when choosing your makeup case.
  4. Larger in size, these makeup cases can be a little difficult to transport. A case that’s too cumbersome may need to be carried with two hands which may be impractical in some circumstances. Portable options do exist with some models having wheels or handles.
  5. Dim. You know how we keep mentioning the importance of lighting? Well, what happens if the lighting is too bright? There are some cases that come with dimming controls that work very well. You simply dim the light to match the lighting that will be in your space. For example, if you’re in a romantic restaurant, you can dim the mirror’s lighting to match the ambiance. This is important with certain colors, too that don’t work well in dimmer lighting situations.
  6. Telescoping. If you choose a case that has a handle, it may or may not be telescoping. The telescoping handle transforms your case into a sort of suitcase on wheels. Grab the handle and go as the wheels glide across the floor. Telescoping means you can pull the handle up, so it’s much easier to tilt the case and roll it across the floor.
  7. Legs. The case may also have legs. The presence of legs can mean a few different things. The legs may be on the case to hold it upright when packed away. You will also have legs on the case when it’s open. The legs may be adjustable to allow for easy height adjustment as described in our second point on the list.
  8. There needs to be a wattage spec for the mirror. If a mirror doesn’t have the right wattage, it means that you won’t be able to see well. A lot of models will have 40 watts as the standard. Again, you don’t want anything with too high or too little wattage; it’s a fine balance of trying to find the perfect wattage for you. CFL bulbs are also an issue if you want to dim your lights because dimming doesn’t work with these bulbs, so keep this in mind when making your purchase.

When it comes to pricing, the prices vary widely with these models. You might have some cases that cost $100 and some that are $400+. You’ll need to consider your own budget and go from there to find a model that fits your needs.

Reviews will be an essential part of your search, too.


Lights and anything electronic has a tendency to be “iffy” when it comes to makeup cases. Sometimes, especially with the cheaper cases, there will be models that have electrical components or wiring that seemingly shorts out.

And when this happens, your mirror’s lights may stop working completely or become intermittent.

This, for a person that always wants to look his or her best, is never a good thing. You’ll be stuck with a mirror that is just that – a mirror without any benefits.

If you keep all of these points in mind, you’ll have a much easier time choosing a makeup case with lights and a mirror that fits your needs.

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