MelodySusie Acrylic Makeup Organizer Review

MelodySusie Acrylic Makeup Organizer ReviewMelodySusie offers an amazing, 3-piece acrylic makeup organizer that offers a proven way to store all of your beauty items – or most of them. You’ll be able to store it all, from your blush to your nail polish and even jewelry, in this organizer.

When anyone starts a makeup collection, they never think that they’ll need a large makeup organizer.

But then the obsession happens.

You’ll start buying those cute blushes from the store, those cute shades of mascara, and those lipsticks for special occasions. The next thing you know, your makeup organizer is overflowing with products.

When you have this MelodySusie organizer on your side, you’ll have more than enough room for all of your makeup storage needs. This organizer is packed with potential, and soon you’ll be able to pack the organizer with all of your must-have makeup, too.

MelodySusie, 3-Piece Organizer Features

  • 24 total compartments
  • 3-piece design that’s 100% customizable
  • Thick acrylic material
  • Transparent for easy viewing
  • Easy to clean
  • 4.68 pound weight

Cosmetics organization is revolutionized with this organizer. Designed for the makeup enthusiast, this model is developed using a state-of-the-art clear acrylic material that’s extra-thick and designed to hold all of your makeup supplies.

With a clear design, users can see right inside the organizer to quickly locate the accessory that they need.

Dimensions of 11″ x 5.5″ x 8.5″ allow this model to fit perfectly on your:

  • Bathroom counter
  • Dresser
  • Desk

Anywhere you have a small counter, this makeup organizer can go. It’s the ideal choice for people of all ages, and its small footprint makes it an even better choice for apartments, lofts and modern, sleek spaces.

You’ll never have to worry about losing your favorite piece of jewelry or makeup accessories again.

Designed for daily use, this model has incorporated extra-thick materials so that your makeup organizer works for years instead of months. You’ll be able to use your organizer daily without fear that it will warp, crack or break in the process.

This is a makeup organizer you won’t outgrow.

Elegant and sleek, the drawer handles are not obtrusive, and they’re firmly secured to allow for easy opening and closing. When you order this organizer, you’ll also receive soft, black mesh pads that are also removable.

These pads allow you to safely store or display your jewelry.

If you’re leaving delicate jewelry in your organizer without these pads, you risk scratching or damaging them in the process – not a great idea.

The pads keep your delicate items safe when you need them the most. You’ll also prevent any possible damage to your organizer, too.

When using this organizer, it provides more space and elegance than your traditional organizer. You’ll receive a three-piece organizer that includes the following sections:

  1. Section A is the first section, or the top piece. This is where you can keep a lot of your items upright, including your nail polish or lipstick.
  2. Section B is a flat compartment tray that’s easy to adjust and can fit a variety of items.
  3. Central Box is a central unit that has four drawers that are roomy and can fit a variety of items with ease.

Now, most companies will stop with the storage right here, but not MelodySusie. The company knows that most organizers give you little more than a large tray that keeps all of your items in disarray,

But MelodySusie comes with a total of 24 compartments that can be filled with your favorite items. Each of the large trays has 10 compartments, with the central box containing a total of four trays to make up the 24 tray total.

It’s a great option for all makeup lovers, and you’ll love the freedom of being able to properly store all of your makeup in their appropriate trays.

You can hold dozens of makeup items in this unit, allowing you to apply makeup faster and more efficiently.


  • Three compartments with ample space for all of your makeup
  • Ample drawers and compartments for proper organization
  • Durable, hard plastic that’s able to withstand years of use


  • Drawers aren’t as deep as I would like

When you have a ton of larger items, you’ll often find that the drawers aren’t deep enough. You’ll need to organize your makeup items properly in the compartments to ensure that they fit properly if you have a ton of makeup items.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a fast-selling makeup organizer, and a lot of people have common questions before buying this unit. What are they asking? A lot of great questions, including:

Can You Stack These Units?

Users who need even more space may want to stack their units. This might be possible if you don’t attach the small top piece on the bottom unit. This will allow you to have a taller unit that features 24 total compartments.

Does the Item Break in Transit?

No. The company does its best to ensure that every product arrives at a customer’s door without cracks or breaks occurring in transit. If the item were to break in transit, the manufacturer will quickly replace the item at no cost to you.

How Thick is the Acrylic?

The thickness of the acrylic is about 0.1″ at its least thick area, so you can expect the plastic to be at least this thick in most areas. The thickness adds to the sturdiness of the unit and allows users to confidently store all of their makeup – light and heavy – in the organizer.

The MelodySusie has something for everyone, from thick acrylic plastic to hold items securely in place to a total of 24 compartments and drawers to make makeup organization a breeze. When it comes time to add even more makeup to your collection, you can stack units to provide additional space for all of your makeup needs.

It’s the perfect makeup organizer that’s efficient, durable and comes with rave reviews from users just like you.

Don’t scatter your makeup in your drawers any longer. It’s time to get organized.

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