Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror Review

Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror Review

Whether you are applying makeup, tweezing your brows, or applying lipsticks, do it like a pro. Aside from high-quality makeup and skills, equip yourself with a good magnifying makeup mirror.

While mirrors are used as decorations and in equipment such as lasers, cameras, and industrial machines, they are more commonly used for personal grooming.

Mirrors for personal grooming are usually two-sided mirrors. They vary in sizes: full-body size, handheld, adjustable, mobile, or fixed. The classic type of adjustable mirror is the cheval glass mirror that can be tilted.

Today, there are a lot of mirrors. The most common are the two-sided mirrors used for personal grooming or makeup. They come in different sizes and styles. Choosing the right one for you can be fun, but difficult too because of the vast selection. To help you, here is a quick buying guides to makeup mirrors:

  • The lighting of some two-sided personal mirrors is bright light which provides an adequate illumination of your face
  • The mirror should reflect a true image (a real representation of how you look) and a magnified view
  • Choose the kind of mirror surface area that will show your entire face and multiple-angle views
  • A personal mirror may come either as a wall-mounted or a pedestal mirror. Wall-mounted mirrors usually have a swivel feature, which provides you a look at different angles. Wall-mounted mirrors also allow you to stand while applying makeup

One of the best two-sided mirrors for makeup today is the Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror. It is no ordinary mirror because it is loaded with unique features that can’t be found in other brands.


The best feature of the Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror is the bright LED lighting on both sides that is adjustable, and naturally warm. It provides an excellent well-lit area for applying makeup, shaving, and more. With it, you can freely do whatever with your face without turning on the light in the room.

This is a double-sided mirror with two magnifications: 1 x and 7 x. Therefore, whatever task you do, this mirror can easily adjust and provide the perfect magnification that you need. Plus, the light switch provides three choices of intensity—low, medium, and high.

Even though it is very thin, it reflects a perfect, a real image that is not distorted. It is big enough with an 8” diameter. It gives a perfect reflection on your face and enables you to have a detailed view.

The power source comes from either 4 AA batteries or a 100-240 volts AC adapter which can be compatible in many countries.

The Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror sports a stylish design with brushed nickel and metal finish. But it is more than that as it is durable and made of high-quality materials, and it does not easily break or rust. It is an expensive looking double sided mirror without any distortion.

Just like any other product, the Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror is not perfect. There are reported negative comments too. But unlike others, Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror has more pros than cons. Here are some of them that have been provided customers:


  • Provides good lighting to help you do your makeup or tweezing
  • Can be conveniently powered by batteries or plugged in with a 100-240 volt AC adapter
  • This two-sided mirror has a stylish, expensive looking design
  • It is made with a brushed nickel and metal finish, making it durable
  • It is very thin but does not reflect a contorted image
  • The quantity of light can be adjusted and has two magnifications—7 x and 1 x
  • It provides just enough light


  • Some customers may find Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror as an expensive double-sided mirror
  • Other find its top a little heavy


While many women, makeup artists, and hair stylists are using mirrors, you should know that choosing a good quality double-sided mirror will provide the right reflection without any distortion. There are many double-side mirrors that you can choose from.

However, choosing is based not only on the size and style, but also on the quality of reflection and magnification.

Fortunately, the Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror is a battery operated or AC-powered double-sided make up mirror. It has an adjustable bright natural LED light that provides a well-lit reflection with no distortion at all. Its magnification settings are 1 x and 7 x.

Some customer complained about its top being a little heavy. Plus, the price is higher than other double-sided makeup mirrors.

It is 8” in diameter, and sports an expensive looking, stylish design. It does not easily break or rust as it is made with high-quality materials. This is one mirror that will provide years of use.

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