SONGMICS Makeup Cosmetic Organizer Review

SONGMICS Makeup Cosmetic Organizer ReviewIs your makeup collection overflowing? Forget buying another cosmetic bag or hard, clunky case. The SONGMICS makeup organizer will keep all of your products well-organized and in easy reach.

And the stackable, interlocking design allows you to add more storage space as your collection grows.

Let’s take a closer look at this versatile organizer, so you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

SONGMICS Makeup Organizer Features

  • Made with clear acrylic
  • 8 removable drawers (different depths) and 16 sections (multiple sizes)
  • Mesh padding in drawers
  • Stackable with other sets
  • Dimensions: 9.4″ x 7.5″ x 5.3″

Our SONGMICS Cosmetic Organizer Review

When it comes to organization, it’s hard to beat this SONGMICS storage case. Equipped with multiple drawers and compartments, you can easily store your makeup collection and even jewelry.

Clear Acrylic Construction

The SONGMICS organizer features a clear acrylic construction, so you can see everything you’re storing at a glance.

Acrylic is a strong, durable material that requires no maintenance, so you’ll get years of use out of this organizer.

The clear design also matches any decor, so the SONGMICS case will feel right at home in any bathroom or dresser.

8 Drawers of Different Sizes

The organizer features eight drawers of different sizes, so you can store a variety of items, from lipstick to eyeshadow and eyeliner pencils.

There are six narrow and shallow drawers at the top of the organizer, one wide and shallow drawer in the middle, and one wide and deep drawer at the bottom.

Each drawer is completely removable, so you can easily reach your products even if they’re stored all the way in the back of the drawer. Each drawer has a handle, too, for easy opening and closing.

16 Sections of Different Sizes

The top of the organizer has 16 sections of different sizes, which puts your most-used items in easy reach.

There’s space here for lipsticks, eyeliner, perfume, brushes and everything in between. These sections, which have an open top, are also made of clear acrylic to match the organizer’s bottom drawers.

The right side of this section features nine skinny compartments that are perfect for lipstick tubes. There’s also a wider and deeper back section to store brushes and taller items.

The left side of the organizer features three tube compartments on the far left, one tall and narrower tube section (great for brushes), and two wide sections in the middle (front and back). These wide sections are great for perfumes, brushes, foundation and other larger items.

Protective Drawer Padding

We all know how messy makeup can be, and how much of a pain it is to clean our drawers. Each drawer in the SONGMICS organizer has a protective mesh liner at the bottom for easy cleaning and increased longevity.

Stackable and Interlocking

The one thing we really love about this organizer is that it has an interlocking and stackable design. If you have a big makeup collection, you can just buy more drawers and stack them on top of each other.

The organizer comes in three sections: bottom two drawers, middle six drawers, and top 16 sections. But you can buy additional organizers to expand and stack.

The great thing about the design of this organizer is that you don’t have to stack the drawers vertically. The two drawer sections can sit side-by-side if you prefer this type of setup.


  • Clear acrylic design makes it easy to see everything you have stored.
  • The drawers are all removable for easy access.
  • The protective liners keep the drawers clean.
  • Interlocking design keeps each section securely in place.
  • Additional organizers can be stacked to expand storage.
  • Top section has room for perfume, foundation, brushes and more.


  • On the small side.

The only complaint with the SONGMICS organizer is that it’s a little on the small side. The drawers are a little narrower than expected, but still big enough to store most cosmetic items with ease.

Most people will find that this organizer is just the right size to keep everything neat and tidy without taking up all of your counter space.

FAQs about the SONGMICS Makeup Organizer

Does this organizer require assembly?

No, the SONGMICS organizer comes fully assembled, but in three separate sections. Just stack, add your makeup and enjoy.

How many full-size eyeshadow palettes can this organizer hold?

The number of palettes you can store really depends on the size of the palette. But most people find that they can store one or two larger ones in the bottom drawer. You may also store a smaller palette in the top section in the wide, narrow compartment.

Can you store makeup brushes in the top section?

Yes. The top section features several tube compartments, and the larger ones are ideal for brushes. You can also store your brush collection in the wider compartments.

How deep are the drawers?

All of the drawers are 5 3/8″ deep. The bottom drawer is 2-3/8″ deep vertically, while the other drawers are 1-1/8″ deep vertically.

Can you buy just the drawers to increase the storage capacity?

No. You will have to purchase an additional full-size organizer to increase your storage capacity. All sections easily stack and interlock for easy stacking.

If you have a big collection, it’s typically better to buy multiple sets of organizers like this one because they’re modular, which means you can stack and store any which way you please.

Our Final Word

If you have a growing makeup collection, the SONGMICS organizer makes a great addition to any vanity or dresser. It will keep all of your items neatly organized, and the clear acrylic material makes it easy to see everything you’re storing.

But is this organize the right choice for you? That depends on your needs.

If you need a lot of drawer storage and you have a lot of smaller products, this organizer is a great choice.

The acrylic design makes this storage case highly durable and easy to maintain, and the top sections allow you to store other items, like perfume and foundation, with ease.

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