Telescoping Magnifying Makeup Mirror 101

Telescoping Magnifying Makeup Mirror 101When you go to buy a makeup mirror, you need to know what your options are. A standard, flat wall mirror provides you with minimal options compared to some of the more advanced makeup mirrors on the market.

There’s a lot to choose from, but two of the best features are:

  1. Telescoping
  2. Magnifying

And when you want truly the best mirror, you mix both of these features and you have a makeup mirror that you can work with daily that will make your makeup application a breeze.

What is a Telescoping Magnifying Makeup Mirror?

There’s a lot of “lingo” in the name of this mirror type, so it’s best to break down both of the features to have a better understanding of what this mirror has to offer users. The components are simple:

  • Telescoping mirrors allow you to adjust the height of the mirror. The height is what allows you to not have to hunch over to see the mirror. Think of it this way: every counter has a different height, right? Since you can place your mirror on a countertop, desk or another surface, it makes sense to be able to adjust the mirror to have an easy view of your face. Telescoping mirrors allow you to have a better view of your face and makeup with the hunching over or other issues.
  • Magnifying mirrors also work to help you find all of those flaws you may have in your makeup. Think of those blemishes that you keep trying to hide and cover. If you look at your face from a different viewpoint or distance, will these blemishes still remain hidden? Chances are, you’ll be able to see these faults and will need to readjust your makeup. Magnification allows you to see these faults up-close so that you never worry how your makeup looks when you walk out of the door.

When you combine both of these features, you have a telescoping magnifying mirror that’s able to help you get a close look at your face, imperfections and blemishes. This amplifies your makeup application and puts you in the driver’s seat to really view how your makeup looks from an outside perspective.

Who Needs This Type of Makeup Mirror?

If you’re wondering if you need this sophisticated makeup mirror in your home, chances are you do. This is the ideal makeup mirror to have if you:

  • Apply makeup daily
  • Use a counter or desk for your makeup application
  • Need a new makeup mirror

It doesn’t make sense to purchase a mirror that isn’t magnifying if you’re buying a mirror that’s going to be dedicated to your makeup application. Always choose the best makeup mirror for your needs – magnifying is the must-have mirror this year.

And the telescoping feature just adds to the robust features that this mirror type has to offer.

See, most people don’t realize that they sit in low chairs when applying makeup, so they wind up having to stand up or bend their knees to see their makeup perfectly.

You’ll find that a makeup mirror is a great investment, and since these mirrors are not permanently installed, you can easily change their position or use them on different surfaces to be able to apply your makeup properly.

It’s a great benefit to anyone who applies makeup to have a proper mirror.

When you mix in the perfect lighting, you’ll find that you can apply your makeup just as well as you would if you were at a professional makeup artists.

This is the “trick” behind professional makeup application – having the right tools for the job.

Benefits of a Telescoping Magnifying Makeup Mirror

A mirror is a mirror – right? It ‘s hard to justify buying a mirror when you have one that works right in your bathroom or on the wall. But if you try a professional mirror, you’ll quickly realize that you’ve been missing out on real power when applying your makeup.

There are a lot of benefits when using a telescoping / magnifying mirror:

  1. You’ll never need to bend over to apply your makeup again. Simply adjust the height of the mirror so that you have a better view of your “canvas.”
  2. Magnification allows you to zoom in on those spots that are hard-to-see or that have a tendency to need more makeup and always get comments when you’re out with friends. If you have a pimple that needs to be covered, for example, magnification will make sure that you can’t see even a slight hint that the pimple was present.
  3. Lighting may be available on select mirrors, which allows you to view your face and complexion with greater ease. The lighting is a must-have if you have bad lighting in your bathroom or bedroom where you apply your makeup.
  4. You can quickly adjust to any situation. Many makeup mirrors that do come with light or magnification allow you to adjust these features to match your needs. This means that you have the ability to zoom in on a problem area, or to illuminate parts of your face that are hard to apply makeup on or that may have shadowing.
  5. The cost of these mirrors is often less or around the same price as a standard mirror. There will also be a variety of features to choose from, so there’s always an option in your price range.

Makeup has never looked this good before.

And the best part is that your makeup will be more consistent not only day-to-day, but also in application. Makeup looks more natural when applied properly, and the right mirror enables you to properly apply your makeup. It’s the perfect balance between functionality and performance.

You’ll find that it’s more intuitive and far easier to apply makeup when you have the right mirror by your side. It’s an art when trying to apply makeup and find that right look that you often pay top dollar for at a makeup studio.

When you have the same tools that the professionals use, you’re one step closer to not having to pay a professional to help you with your makeup ever again.

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  1. What is wrong with the makers of all these mirrors. I don’t want one attached to the wall. I want one that I can use at a table but I should not have to look down on. Telescopic stand people!!!

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