The Top 3, Best Magnifying Mirrors for the Budget-friendly Shopper

The Top 3, Best Magnifying Mirrors for the Budget-friendly ShopperYou need a makeup mirror. I mean, you can apply your makeup in a regular mirror, but you won’t look perfect. And you’re sure to miss a few spots and get a few looks or comments about a blemish here or a wrinkle there.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not good with criticism.

I try my best to look perfect.

When the price of a makeup mirror is so cheap, there’s really no reason not to own one and own your look. You’ll be the person that walks out of the door and everyone envies because her makeup looks fierce and flawless.

Little do they know that you have the best magnifying mirror to help you along.

I’m going to be reviewing three of the top mirrors on the market this year, but before I do, I want to give you a little help to make your comparison effortless.

Magnifying Mirror Buying Guide

So, the mirror looks good, but so do all of the others. Which do you choose?

I found myself asking this very question, and I found that the following points really helped me narrow down my choices:

  • Magnification: Makeup mirrors often offer 1x magnification so that you can have a clear view of how you look, and they also have another option for an even closer look. A mirror with 10x magnification, for example, will amplify your face 10 times, so you can see any pore on your face. The mirrors you choose should have a 10x magnification for best results.
  • Lighting: Halogen, fluorescent and LED lighting are available. LED is said to be the best because of the bulb’s longevity, but any natural light mirror will work best.
  • Power: Batteries or electrical outlets are your choice for powering up your mirror. Battery operated units work very well for travel, but when you’re at home, I always recommended the corded mirrors. While both are great options, corded models ensure a bright, reliable light, which is what you want in a mirror.
  • Radius: I’m a fan of a large radius mirror because these mirrors allow you to see much more of your face. Travel mirrors will be slightly smaller, so keep this in mind when making your final choice. A good 7″ plus mirror is good for at-home usage.
  • Adjustable Options: An adjustable mirror is a great option because you’ll be able to look at your face from different angles and should be able to adjust between a regular or 1x mirror to a higher magnification. These adjustments allow you to see the fine details on your face.

Of course, you’ll want to look at reviews to see what others are saying about a specific magnifying mirror, and you’ll also want to consider your budget.

Luckily for you, I’ve picked a few mirrors that are rated super well and are affordable, too (you can also take a look at my other mirror recommendations).

Our Picks of the 3 Best Magnifying Mirrors

1. Conair Round Double-Sided Makeup Mirror

Conair’s double-sided mirror offers a 1x / 10x magnification with a beautiful satin nickel finish and a very high-class look. Upscale minus the cost, this mirror will change the way you do makeup. The fluorescent lightbulb is designed to be 30% brighter and use 60% less energy.

And if you’re like me, you know that rising energy bills demand a less energy-intensive makeup mirror.

Ultra-slim and offering an 8.5″ diameter, Conair has created one of the leading natural daylight mirrors on the market today. The head is able to rotate a complete 360 degrees with 1x and 10x views. There is just one light setting: natural.


  • Plugs into a power outlet, so you don’t waste money on batteries.
  • Two well-lit views provide impeccable clarity when applying makeup.
  • Mirror height eliminates the need to always look down at the mirror.


  • Cord length is short and close to the base

My only complaint with the Conair makeup mirror is that the cord sits very close to the base of the mirror, which requires that the mirror be placed close to an electrical outlet. A repositioning of your makeup desk or an extension cord will help you overcome the short cord issue.

In my opinion, this is a the best magnifying mirror with light from Conair.

Click here to view pricing and availability of this double-sided mirror

2. Floxite Daylight Cosmetic Mirror

Floxite offers a daylight cosmetic mirror that’s a little more affordable than the Conair, yet it still offers a great magnification and quality design. Bright white light mimics natural daylight, allowing you to apply your makeup with greater precision.

Blending and matching colors is easier, too, with the Floxite.

When using the mirror, you’ll enjoy the 10x magnification and adjustable angles that allow you to see every angle of your face. Cool to the touch, this 110V mirror plugs into an electric outlet and features a T5 bulb that can be replaced as needed.

The mirror has a 9″ radius.


  • Long-lasting bulb lasts over 8 years without replacement.
  • Bright lighting and distortion free make it perfect for older users.
  • Great magnification perfect for close, detailed makeup.


  • Power switch is defective in some units.

There are some units where the power switch is not properly attached to the wiring, so you’ll need to return the product or remove the base and attach the wires yourself. This isn’t a huge problem by any means since you can do it in 5 minutes, but it does place the Floxite at a little lower in quality than the Conair.

Click here to view pricing and availability of the Floxite daylight mirror

3. Floxite LED Travel and Home 10x Mirror

Floxite also offers a robust, affordable mirror that can double as a travel and home mirror. The great thing about this distortion-free mirror is that it’s the best magnifying mirror for makeup on-the-go. Why?

Well, unlike the other mirrors on our list that have a fixed base, this mirror can fold into the base to be small enough to fit in any piece of luggage.

And featuring LED light, the unit has a long-lasting bulb and 10x magnification that allows a user to apply makeup just like in a salon. You’ll also find 8 bulbs and battery operation. While I would normally argue against a battery-operated unit, the batteries allow for a on-the-go usage, so you can bring your mirror with you on vacation, road trips and even business travel.

There are 8 LED lights that circle the mirror and the mirror portion is 6″ in radius.


  • Offers 1x and 10x magnification.
  • Travel size allows for greater versatility.
  • Sturdy design with long-lasting bulbs.


  • Small LEDs spaced too far apart.

The only complaint with this makeup mirror is that the 8 LED lights are spaced too far apart, so the lighting can be dim at times. But this is one of the few travel mirrors that has a quality build and high magnification.

And for the price, it’s a steal.

Click here to view pricing and availability of the Floxite LED travel mirror

So, which of the three should you choose?

It depends on your needs. The obvious choice for travel is the Floxite LED travel, while the best option for a budget-friendly, at-home mirror is also Floxite Daily. But in terms of best overall, when not considering price, it’s easy to pick the Conair.

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