Top 5 Eye Makeup Looks to Try with Your Makeup Mirror

Top 5 Eye Makeup Looks to Try with Your Makeup MirrorTry these five stunning makeup looks with your lighted makeup mirror.

1. The Winged Cat Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner elongates the eyes and really makes them pop. Most girls assume that this look only works for almond-shaped eyes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The winged eyeliner look works for every eye shape.

With this look, the outer edges of the eyeliner peek out from the sides of the eyes and is usually thicker near the outer edges.

For Hooded Eyes

If you can’t see the crease of your eyelid, you probably have hooded eyes.

Most tutorials only teach you how to apply liner to almond or round eyes where the crease is exposed. But don’t let this intimidate you or stop you from trying this look.

It’s actually quite easy to create the winged eyeliner look on hooded eyes.

Here are some tips:

  • Work from the outside in.
  • Make sure the tip of the wing peeks out from the hood.
  • Apply in thin strokes, and widen the wing as desired.

Almond Eyes

If you have oval-shaped eyes with narrow corners, you probably have almond eyes.

Here are a few tips to nail this look:

  • Take advantage of your lid space by lining the entire lash line, and then flick it out.
  • End the tip where the crease starts.


If you have a minimal or nonexistent crease, you likely have monolids.

The winged liner look can be difficult to recreate on monolid eyes, but with the right technique, the end result can be stunning.

Here are some tips:

  • Use a liquid liner.
  • Make sure the line is crisp and straight.
  • Extend the line across the entire lash line.

2. Smoky Purple

If you have green or blue eyes, this smoky purple look is perfect for you.

For this look, you’ll need three shades of purple eyeshadow, black eyeliner and black mascara (fake lashes will really make your eyes pop).

  • Start by applying the mid-tone purple all over the lid, and along the bottom lash line.
  • Apply the highlighting purple tone to the middle of the lid, and blend slightly outward and upward (slightly is the key word here).
  • Apply the darkest shade of purple to the outer edges of the eye, and blend inward slightly. Apply another layer of dark purple on the corner of the bottom lash line, and blend upward into the outer corner of your top lid.
  • Apply a thick band of black eyeliner across the lid.
  • Apply mascara or fake lashes.

You may also want to apply a thin layer of orange-gold color along the outer edge of the purple color to create a warm look.

3. The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is a really fun look that works with just about any eye color.

For this look, you’ll need several eyeshadow colors, including:

  • Taupe for the base
  • Shimmery green
  • Shimmery purple
  • Shimmery gold

Here’s how to recreate this look:

  • Start with a base layer of the taupe color.
  • Apply the shimmery green color to the middle of the lid, and blend out toward the outer corner. The green should slowly fade out into the brown as it moves outward.
  • Apply the shimmery purple shadow from the inner lid to where the green shadow starts.
  • Apply the shimmery gold color to the very inner corner of the eye (where the tear duct is), and along the bottom lash line.

4. The Natural Look

If you can’t stand the idea of going out without makeup, you can recreate the natural look with the right colors and techniques.

To create the natural look, you’ll need three shades of skin-color eyeshadow, a golden color for the bottom lash line, eyeliner and mascara. Be sure to choose a tone that blends in well with your skin tone.

  • Start by applying the gold color to your bottom lash line and inner crease.
  • Apply the base color to the entire lid.
  • Using the mid-range color, create a wing on the outer edge of the eye using an angled brush. There’s no need to go across the entire lash line.
  • Apply the mid-range tone to the outer edge and crease of the eye.
  • Apply the darkest shade along the crease and along the outer lash line on the top and bottom of the eyes.
  • Apply a thin layer of eyeliner across the lash line.
  • Apply mascara.

5. Golden Bronze

The golden bronze look is very simple to recreate.

You’ll need four shades of gold (mid-tone, light, dark, and warm orange gold), mascara and eyeliner.

  • Apply the mid-tone gold to the entire lid.
  • Apply the light gold tone to the middle of the lid.
  • Apply the darkest shade to the outer third of the lid, and along the bottom lash line.
  • Apply the warm gold tone along the outer edge of the shadow and the bottom lash line.
  • Apply a thin line of eyeliner.
  • Apply mascara.

These five tips will help you make the most out of your eye makeup.

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