What Kind of Mirror is a Makeup Mirror? Makeup Mirror Ratings

What Kind of Mirror is a Makeup Mirror

When it comes to mirrors, the best kind for applying makeup is a makeup mirror. It provides a magnification level to enlarge the face, even the pores, as clearly as possible. It might sound new to you but makeup mirrors are much better than ordinary mirrors found in cars, etc.

The best kind of makeup mirror is a lighted vanity makeup mirror which is every girl’s desire. This kind of mirror is usually seen on fashion television shows and is what makeup experts use to work on models.

Why are makeup mirrors suitable for such applications? What kind of mirror is a makeup mirror? Here are some facts you should know:

Makeup mirrors are concave mirrors

A concave mirror is defined as a mirror which is bent inward in the middle. When the face is placed between the concave mirror and a focus, it reflects a magnified image. For the face, concave mirrors reflect even the pores of the skin.

How do concave mirrors work?

The laws of reflection explain how concave mirrors work. Since there is a curve in the concave mirror’s surface, there is an angle called the incident angle where the light hits the surface. It is different depending on which part of the mirror the light hits. This enables the concave mirror to emphasize light just as a camera lens focuses light and creates an image.

The mirror equation is the equation used to identify the distance of an object from the mirror and the size of the object. Concave mirrors create an image that seems like it is floating in the air. Thus, when you look into the mirror you see an enlarged image, unlike what you see with a flat mirror.

Best makeup mirrors

Manufacturers have been creating quality makeup mirrors that most women and professional artists want. Here are some of the best makeup mirrors today:

Daisi Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

The Daisi Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror provides a 7 x magnification to focus on every detail of your face. It has 16 LED lights powered by 3 AA batteries that create a daylight effect.

It has a swivel stand that can easily be adjusted to focus on different angles of your face. Its dimensions 7”, and its base is 6” x 5”.  It is a classic lighted makeup mirror that also is affordable.

Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror

If you are looking for a flexible and extendable lighted makeup mirror, the Jerdon HL665 Makeup Mirror is a great choice. It can be wall mounted with a 14” extension. It has smooth 360° swivel, so it can be adjusted to any angle you need.

The magnifications of the Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror are 1 x and 5 x, so you have two options for a detailed face view. It has halo lighting powered by a 25 watt light bulb. The nickel finish not only provides a durable construction, but also absorbs moisture.

Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror

This Miusco 7x Two Side Makeup Mirror provides perfect natural daylight through its lightbulbs and magnification of 1 x and 7 x. It reflects real and magnified images without distortion; this makes a perfect mirror for apply makeup and other tasks on face.

The light bulbs of Miusco 7x Two Sided Makeup Mirror can be powered by batteries or plugged into a 100-200 volt AC adapter. It has a metal finish and elegant design too.


Makeup mirrors are no doubt the perfect mirrors for makeup application and other tasks done on the face. The laws of reflection explain how concave mirrors work to magnify the face and allow users to focus on each area of the face.

Unlike flat mirrors, concave mirrors can create real images that are not distorted and are projected out in front of the mirror. This gives an image which seems like floating in the air.

Concave mirrors are used as makeup mirrors. Today, there are many makeup mirrors to choose from, and they vary in size, magnification levels, type of light bulbs, and design. Choosing a makeup mirror is not difficult with the above mentioned best makeup mirrors of today.

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