Why You Need a Large Makeup Organizer with Drawers

Why You Need a Large Makeup Organizer with DrawersAre you still storing your makeup in bags and clunky makeup cases? If so, it may be time to upgrade to a cosmetic organizer. These tabletop storage solutions have multiple drawers to keep your makeup organized and tidy. They’re affordable, too, so you can save on space without emptying your bank account.

Why You Need a Large Makeup Organizer with Drawers

Whether your makeup collection is big or small, you can benefit from having a designated cosmetic organizer.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to get an organizer for your makeup:

Keep Everything in Easy Reach

If you store your makeup in a case or bag, you probably dump everything out on the counter and apply as you go. Or, you dig through everything to find what you need.

It’s a hassle and a pain to find what you need if you’re not using an organizer with drawers.

An organizer keeps everything within easy reach. Most models have spots to store things like your lipstick in slots, so you can grab and go without wasting time.

When you can see everything you have at a glance, you can also create better looks and experiment.

I think we can all agree that putting on your makeup is a lot more pleasurable when you can just take what you need and get right to it.

Keep Your Cosmetics Separated and Organized

The biggest benefit to having a makeup organizer is that you can keep all of your products separated and neatly organized.

Lipsticks get stored with other lipsticks in their own drawer. Eyeshadows all get stored together, and your brushes stay neatly in place to keep their bristles looking their best.

I don’t know about you, but I like sitting down to a neat, clean vanity when I put on my makeup. If I have products scattered everywhere, I feel like I need to rush to get things done. Clean-up becomes a hassle, and I wind up wasting time looking for products.

Save Time and Space

Organizers also save you time and space. Remember how we talked about keeping your items separated and organized? Knowing exactly where everything is will save you so much time. Everything is in easy reach, too, which saves you even more time.

And if you’re tired of losing vital drawer space, you’ll be happy to take your makeup collection to the top of your vanity and reclaim some of that storage space.

Organizer Styles and Types

There are many different types of large organizers on the market today. Each style and type offers its own benefits and drawbacks, which will help you decide which type is right for you.

Vertical, or Horizontal

When shopping for an organizer, you’ll find both vertical and horizontal models. Each style has benefits and drawbacks.

Pros of Vertical Models

There are many benefits to choosing a vertical organizer. One of the biggest advantages is space. These organizers take up less space on the counter, so you have more free space to work.

Other advantages include:

  • Nearly unlimited storage space
  • A variety of storage options
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Can stack for even more space

Cons of Vertical Models

There are also drawbacks to choosing a vertical organizer. Its biggest benefit is also its biggest drawback:

The narrow width of these organizers means you may need more drawers to hold your collection.

Pros of Horizontal Models

Horizontal makeup organizers aren’t as common as vertical models, but they do have their advantages.

  • Easy to see everything at a glance
  • Great for small makeup collections
  • Come in a variety of sizes

These organizers are usually one level, which makes it easy to grab what you need. They’re also ideal for smaller collections that only require a few compartments for storage.

Cons of Horizontal Models

Just as there are benefits to this type of organizer, there are also drawbacks, such as:

  • May take up a lot of space
  • May not be able to hold everything you need

Horizontal organizers can take up a lot of counter space. If you choose a smaller model to save on space, it may not be able to hold all of your products.

Clear, or Solid

Most large makeup organizers are made of clear acrylic, but you’ll also find some that are a solid color.

Both are great options, but most people prefer clear organizers. Why? Because you can see your entire collection at a glance.

Need your pink lipstick? You can see which drawer it’s stored in without having to open them all.

With a solid colored organizer, you may wind up going through every drawer before you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Both are great options, but you may have a preference of one or the other.

A Few, or Many Drawers

Organizers may have just a few drawers, or they may have multiple ones. There are models with just three or four, and there are some with more than a dozen.

When searching through models, check to see how many drawers are offered and choose one that will comfortably hold your collection. Make sure that you also consider any space you may need as your collection grows. It may be worthwhile to get a model with a few extra drawers, so have more than enough space for your collection.

Just Drawers, or Compartments and Drawers

There are organizers with just drawers, and there are also organizers with both compartments and drawers.

Both have their advantages, and the right one for you will depend on your organizational style. Maybe you like to keep your brushes and tubes of lipstick stored horizontally. Maybe you prefer them to be standing up, so you can grab them and go.

Choose the type that best suits your organizational style.

Mirror, or No Mirror

Large makeup organizers sometimes have attached mirrors that make it easy to see where and how you’re applying your makeup.

If you don’t have a designated makeup mirror, you may want to choose a model that comes with a mirror.

These are the most common types and style of makeup organizers. Be sure to consider your needs and the size of your collection when choosing your organizer.

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